Node (dynamic menu made easy)

Node (dynamic menu made easy)


Node is a dynamic menu system based on pure PHP without any framework requirement. Node comes with a control panel where you can add/edit/delete menu items as well as shift menu item’s position.

Basically Node outputs an ul markup, and leave it yourself to choose any Javascript and Css to form its look and feel.

The real magic thing about Node is that it gives you a tree control panel, where you can easily change your menu item’s content. It makes coding a dynamic menu as easy as writing a few lines in your code.

You can use Node to build any kind of navigation menu and keep it dynamic, which means the content of the menu is always controlled by an admin page.


  • v1.7

    1. advanced sortable list,now it is to drag items between parent and child nodes,to change child nodes’ parents. (special thanks to evasive)
  • v1.6

    1. sortable list, drag and drop to arrange node’s positions.
  • v1.5

    1. handling special characters. eg.”,’,<,>
  • v1.4

    1. special characters escaped.
    2. fix menu-generator.php.
  • v1.3

    1. correct helper.php (initialize a variable).
  • v1.2

    1. fixed some error regarding array index check.


  1. It is lightweight with pure PHP scripts and only one database table.
  2. It comes with very user friendly control panel (tree editor).
  3. Built your dynamic menu with only 4 lines coding.

Manual.pdf is included in download file.


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