Newsletter: Fast Email Sender

Newsletter: Fast Email Sender


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Fast Email Sender – Multipurpose script that can help you to organize send messages from your site. FES easy to manage, easy to install and requires minimal requirements of hosting. Script written in PHP language, it’s includes many useful functions and features such as creating a mailing list sorted by categories, the visual editor of simple emails, sending emails with an attachment, the ability to use the script as autoresponder, import/export database of addresses and many more.

login: admin
pass: 123


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Import subscribers from text file or an other DB
  • Sending mail via a standard function mail ()
  • Sending mail via SMTP authentication
  • Support all charsets
  • Unlimited number of attachments
  • Unlimited mailing list
  • Visual editor for mail templates TinyMCE
  • Translation ready
  • and many cool features…
  • Minimum requirements

  • PHP as FastCGI Version 5.3 (safe_mode = off)
  • MySQL Version 5.1
  • Php cURL Library


    Newsletter: Fast Email Sender - 6


    read file “updates/readme.txt” in archive FES

    Update Notification

    Newsletter: Fast Email Sender - 7

    Change Log

    v2.0.4 – November 27, 2014

  • Correction based on bug reports
  • Added button Queue and display a list of queues in unfinished newsletter
  • Added image upload plugin for TinyMCE.
  • Added notification of an empty list of templates
  • Added in section “Groups” colums Total, Removed, Active, Checked, No checked
  • Improved newsletters statistics
  • Fixed error pagination in section “Blacklist”
  • Fixed error of sending if in php.ini settings not specified email in sendmail_path
  • Fixed error “white screen” after installation
  • Fixed error with saving Google Analytics code
  • Fixed error added to log system in section “Archives”
  • Fixed bug slow sending via smtp
  • Fixed an error adding email in newsletter from unsubscribe list emails
  • v2.0.3 – November 12, 2014

  • Correction based on bug reports
  • Added support “WordPress Fast Email Sender Subscribe Form Widget”
  • Added support shortcode {name} in the Subject emailing
  • Improved system security
  • Improved user registration process
  • Fixed bug user registration
  • Fixed bug password recovery
  • Fixed bug adding user in section “User base”
  • Fixed bug when add Subscription Form
  • Fixed bug when editing access rights groups
  • Fixed install

    v2.0.2 – November 8, 2014

  • Correction based on bug reports
  • Added List-Unsubscribe
  • Fixed a display bug 0% “Progress Translate”
  • Fixed bug adding user in section “User base”
  • Fixed error tracking links
  • Fixed error tracking open
  • Fixed error edit autoresponder
  • Fixed error empty API-KEY (through update)

    v2.0.1 – November 6, 2014

  • Many changes and improvements to the UI
  • Added system “Bug Report”
  • Changed the structure of folders and files
  • Optimizing queries the database
  • Improved installation
  • Update – TinyMCE – 4.1.6
  • Update – Bootstrap Switch – 3.1.0
  • Update – Font Awesome – 4.2.0
  • Update – Bootstrap – 3.3.0

    v1.0.8 – October 17, 2013

  • Added hidden sending to test email
  • Added select SMTP auth (no,ssl,tsl) to section “General Settings”
  • Added support shortcode {name} in the subject newsletter
  • Added in section “Blacklist” addition multiple email
  • Added ability to add manually in list “Unsubscribe”
  • Fixed details page task
  • Fixed a problem with adding an empty domain to the blacklist
  • Changed how the task start to send (functionality “Play” button )
  • Fixed test SMTP in section “General Settings”
  • Update language:
  • Hungarian (thanks OlaRol)

    v1.0.7 – August 23, 2013

  • Added possibility create shortcode based on “Users Features” (e.g. {Age},{Phone},{City} …)
  • Fixed closing of the window in the dialogue unsubscribe from the mailing list
  • Fixed a display bug in the statistics “Unsubscribed” from newsletter
  • Added block “Google Analytics” to section General Settings
  • Added to section “Tools” – “DB Maintenance”
  • Added removal of multiple tasks in the section “Newsletter Archive”
  • Added removal of multiple group in the section “Groups”
  • Added removal of multiple users in the section “Users Mailing List”
  • Fixed button “Send test email”
  • Fixed user registration
  • Fixed password recovery
  • Fixed button “Pause” in section “Newsletter”
  • Fixed a bug sending multiple emails to one addressee
  • Fixed error in section “System Logs”
  • Changed on page navigation in sections: “Newsletter Archive”, “Group – User”, “Task details”, “Users Mailing List”

    v1.0.6a – July 21, 2013

  • Fixed error with php short open tag
  • Fixed adding and editing system users
  • Fixed the access rights to the section Autoresponder
  • Fixed an authorization system (login or email)
  • Added file search php short open tag (php_short_open_tag_search.php)
  • Added file search error translate function (php_search_error_translate.php)

    v1.0.6 – July 20, 2013

  • Added “Test SMTP” to section General Settings
  • Added setting the time zone server
  • Added ability to add custom Shortcodes
  • Added in Settings “Default type of mail” (text, html)
  • Added in the footer section selected language
  • Added in Settings block “Registration”
  • Added user registration system
  • Added import template e-newsletter from URL
  • Added time of adding in the subscriber base
  • Added setting “Automatic language detection from IP”
  • Added in footer dynamic site display server time
  • Added logging of incorrect authorization
  • Added attribut “Cheked status” in “Users Mailing List”
  • Added highlighting not translated phrases in the editing translation
  • Changed pagination on section “Users Mailing List”
  • Improved section “Settings” – “Information”
  • Improved section “System Logs”
  • Improved section “Users Mailing List” – “Blacklist”
  • Added autoresponder to the events:
    – Registration user
    – Recovery password
    – Newsletter is opened
    – Newsletter link is clicked
    – User unsubscribed
    – User signed up
  • Fixed subscription form handler
  • Fixed function “Send test email”
  • Update Font Awesome v. 3.2.1
  • Update language:
    – Deutsch (thanks tito24)
    – Español (thanks neno69)
    – Greek (thanks tsikas)
    – Portugal (thanks pjadias)
  • Attention: Autoresponders – Specific time – not work in this version

    v1.0.5 – June 21, 2013

  • Added sending via SMTP authentication
  • Added “View” in “Archives” section
  • Fixed a bug when adding a system user
  • Changed redirection when removing a user from a group mailing list
  • Added shortcode {online} – view a message online
  • Added information in progress-bar sending (e.g. 10/50 (20%))
  • Added “Preview” when creating new ?-newsletter
  • Added “Default Settings” to section “General Settings”
  • Changed “View text mail” in page detail Task
  • Changed “Preview” in section “Templates Settings”
  • Added in section “Group” counts “Participated in sending”
  • Added column “delta” time between sending in the details task
  • Added option “Track clicks on links”
  • Added option “Track reading”
  • Added “Debug Mode” to General Setting (if it is included, actual mails will not be sent)
  • Added removal of multiple users in the section “Users”
  • Added storage of the current settings intervals to send every e-newsletter
  • Added added the percentage of translation
  • Fixed a bug in the “Custom Import” when in the line just email
  • Added section “System Logs” (Login/Logout, Added new e-newsletter, Add/Edit/Remove Group, Set default settings)
  • Completely changed the statistics
  • Fixed many minor bugs
  • Many changes and improvements to the UI

  • v1.0.4 – June 3, 2013

  • Fixed a bug in the system user adding
  • Fixed a bug in the password change system users
  • Fixed problem with adding email accounts with limited Access rights: Groups “View only your”
  • Fixed an error resending
  • Added restriction for users to send messages in a day
  • Added the display of owner of user groups
  • Added to section “Archives” number of sent messages
  • Added import users from WordPress
  • Added import users from WordPress AuthorHQ
  • Added import users from IP.Board
  • Added import users from custom CMS
  • Fixed function to delete the system’s user
  • “Delayed email by time” function fixed
  • Fixed “Language” editing
  • Minor fixes

    v1.0.3 – May 4, 2013

  • Changed sort in “Email Newsletter”
  • Fixed definition of the statistics country
  • Fixed Unsubscription
  • Fixed access permission on Mailing Groups (New newsletter, export, form)
  • Added block “Number on page” to “General Setting” (Users per page, Archive per page, Task emails per page)
  • Added block “Unsubscription Page” to “General Setiing” (URL to your site, Logotype)
  • Added email validation (php5 FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)
  • Added robots.txt
  • Now you can add user from current “Group page”
  • Added RTL support
  • Added language Hebrew (thanks RAID33)
  • Added “Settings – Security”, allowed file types for (logotype, tools/import, attachments)
  • Added “Tools – Emails Check”
  • Fixed shortcode {logo}
  • Added custom Feature for “User email”
  • Added option to limit the number custom Feature
  • Added filters “Users Features” to the new “Newsletter”
  • Fixed php short open tag

    v1.0.2 – March 28, 2013

  • Added pagination on section “Users Mailing List”, per page 1000
  • Added sorting by group in section “Users Mailing List”
  • Added default group “Added from outside” for added from “Subscribe Form”
  • Added Subscribe Form (HTML & IFRAME code)
  • Added variable “Group of Subscribers” for Group
  • Added Export email from database
  • Added Custom Import from textarea block
  • Added list of users who are in a group
  • Added language Deutsch (thanks tito24)

    v1.0.1 – March 22, 2013

  • Added access rights
  • Adeded Statistic to Newsletter (unique opens, amount of clicks from e-mail)
  • Moving tab “List unsubscribed” to the section “Users”
  • Added language Español (thanks neno69)
  • Added variables to translation the file login.php
  • Added option “High Importance” in Newsletter
  • Changed the number on pages “Newsletter Archive” 10 to 50
  • Fixed bug edit Settings-Group
  • Fixed bug edit Settings-Users
  • Fixed bug deleting custom Language
  • Fixed bug save custom Language
  • Added “Change Log” and version in footer
  • Added “Help” in top menu

    v1.0.0 – March 15, 2013

  • Initial Release

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