myCode – PHP/jQuery Online FTP and Editing

myCode – PHP/jQuery Online FTP and Editing


myCode is a online aplication that allows you to edit your files werever you are whenever you want. It includes some jQuery so you don’t get interupted while editing your file when saving. It also has a documentation on how to modify myCode. It has a lot of other features. So make sure to check out the feature list and the Live Preview  :)

Ow one more thing, all the features like editing, creating, uploading, downloading and some other features are disabled in the Live Preview for security reasons.

How do I install this?

The only thing you have to do is change the username and password. That’s all. Now just upload the myCode folder to your server and your ready to use myCode.

Feature List

  • Edit Files
  • Create Files
  • Create Folders
  • Upload Multiple Files
  • Create Backups
  • And many more…

EDIT: I had someone asking me for the Live Preview. When you click the Live Preview button you will be send to a Landing Page. When you click the Live Preview button here you will see an image saying Click Me just click the laptop and you will be send to the live preview (thought that would be a fun thing to do with the landing page  :P. I hope you like it  :).)

Version 1.1

October 2 2012

  • Fixed Header errors for older PHP versions
  • Fixed some CSS issues


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