Multi Store – PHP Point Of Sale

Multi Store – PHP Point Of Sale


New Expense Module

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PHP Point of sale have expenses module now each store have its own expenses, and expense types, where you can add edit delete or view expenses and print expenses.

New POS Module to sell easily.

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New point of sale module make it really easy to sell things. You can use barcode reader and it will bring product information, you can even type first two letters of product name it will still bring its name, you can filter products by category and then click on their image it will add them into invoice.

New Payment Method

System accept payments from Credit card, Cash, and Credit when a customer or vendor transaction processed by credit the balance would be added to their account, and sale returns, and purchase returns can reduce balance otherwise you can add partial or full payments or receiving going to clients or vendors sections check demo for more details.

Note: Languages French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian also available new file for language can be sent after purchase. Very easy to update sentences and add new language.

PHP Point of sale is a powerful store management system which gives you ability to create unlimited stores and every store have its own products, clients, vendors, rates, warehouses, reports, payments, receivings, returns and much more…

With php point of sale you can easyly manage all your inventory credits, sales and products alerts. You can give users limited access to limited modules and a user which is not admin can only see and manage the module they have access for still only admin can use delete and edit feature on all modules however other users have access but they can view, and add not edit and delete for the modules they have access for.

How it works

PHP Point of sale is very easy to use with a little understanding to system here are the main features and how they work on.


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First of all you need to go to stores and create a new store for yourself , name address, currency, phone etc would be visible on reports and invoices so set things correctly. No worries you can edit it later as well. Note: If you delete a store everything related to that store would be deleted and cannot be undo. Like products, sales, purchases, warehouses, rates, vendors, clients everything.

Manage Users and user access

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In Manage users section you can add unlimited users and send them messages as well. If you add a user as subscriber they will not able to see any store or any module unless you grand them access to a store or a module in a store like following.

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Select a user, select store you want to grant them access on check the modules you want them to have access for that’s all.

Products, Categories, Taxes

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Product Categories: Go to product Categories section add product categories so you can select category during product creation.
Taxes:You can add different tax types like percentage, and fix tax create taxes for no tax create a no tax Tax with 0%
Products You can create a product and select its alert units during product creation also upload product image if possible.

Vendors and Payments

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Vendors: Add new vendors So that you can post purchase invoices for those vendors and manage their balances to pay.

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Payments By selecting a vendor you can see their payable amount and make a payment as well. This is to be done for credit purchases cash purchses get paid instantly when purchase invoice take effect.

Add purchase

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Go to purchases where you can see lited all purchases you can use filter to filter the purchases by date or vendors, Click on add new purchase where you can select vendor, then add all products you received from them with cost and quantity, select payment method if it was cash or credit if credit invoice amount would be added to vendor’s balance.

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Price levels

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In price levels you can set prices for different levels these are the rates would applied to customers depending on their price level so if you have given a customer during creation or from customer price level section price level 1 or 2 3 or any they will get rate of that level during their invoice creation. Below you can see how you can update customer price levels

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Clients, Receivings, Sales, Sale Invoices

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Clients New clients can be added and select their price level during creating client.
Receiving If clients have credit balance receiveable you can add receivings from them and list all receivings as well in table format
Sale Invoices List all sale invoices, filter them nicely and add new sale invoices each product will tell you its quantity available on specific warehouse so during sale you can select warehouse as well.


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After adding return reasons you can add sale return invoices and purchase return invoices, if invoice is credit balance would go into vendor or client’s payable or receiveable if return was cash that would also take effect in sale return payments, and purchase return recevings sections are under returns menu.


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Add new warehouse, transfer products from one warehouse to other warehouse, see transfer logs and many more.


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System have few reports other reports can be printed from list sales, list purchase, and other sections.


System have powerful message center so users can send messages to each other and admin can send message to all users.


Every user have notes section to post notes for their use.

Sale and Purchase Graph

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Sale and purchase graph implemented same graphs also can be requested for purchase returns and sale returns these graphs helps user to check total sales by date.

Try Demo.

Go to Demo view

User: [email protected]
Pass: 4798

User: [email protected]
Pass: 4798


We are always available to help you 24/7 please send a message from profile or post your comment on product. We also want to hear your suggestions to make this system perfect for point of sale category.

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