Mobile Site Builder

Mobile Site Builder


This application enables you to create a mobile website using a friendly user interface and without the need of editing any PHP or Javascript file. The resulting website will be optimised on all major mobile devices (iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc).

This app is a full mobile site CMS system, where you can create your pages, the modules to use inside your pages (Contact module, YouTube module, Facebook module, Google Maps module, Navigation module and of course a Content module) . Your pages can support as many modules as you want, giving you a huge flexibility in your site’s structure !

You can also style your new mobile site using the built in tool. Check out the demo for yourself and appreciate the power of this updated mobile site builder.

Demo here:


– A CMS to create your mobile website without touching any code
– Create an unlimited number of pages
– Create an unlimited number of modules
– Each page can contains several modules
– Supports 6 types of modules
– Content module to add your content and presentation (supporting HTML formatting)
– Contact module to enable visitors to send you a message
– YouTube module to integrate different type of videos feeds (channel, featured videos, videos from a search result, videos by default categories)
– Facebook page module to integrate the feeds from any of your Facebook pages
– Maps module to enable you to display your locations in a Google Map (supports custom marker, size customization, different types of Map etc)
– Navigation module to enable your to create lists and link your pages
– Supports a Theme settings to customize a bit more your mobile site
– Powered by jQuery and jQuery Mobile.

Demo and screencasts

Mobile Site builder (Part1):
Mobile Site Builder (Part2):
Mobile Site Builder (Part3):


1 Nov 2012
– Major update to v2 with a different admin interface centred around pages and modules for a much higher flexibility
– Ability to add several modules to a specific page
– Added new YouTube feeds (default categories, videos by search keywords, featured videos) and the ability to customize the videos to display
– Supporting YouTube API key (optional setting)
– Simplified the configuration into one single file
– Ability to define any page as your home page
– Facebook pages displayed through AJAX for faster site load
– Updated to the latest stable jQuery framework (v1.1.0)


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