Mini Bots PHP Class

Mini Bots PHP Class



the getInstagramPics and getInstagramPic method to retrieve images of a user from Instagram, sometimes, depending on the ip of the network, doesn’t work, there isn’t a workaround at the moment. There are problems also on ALL social counters

I’m sorry but I’ve not time at the moment to maintain all the methods.


This PHP class (also called minibots) is a growing collection of small spiders and web bot that go out on the web and make some small useful jobs.

Actually the mini bots can do those things:

  1. Copy a remote url to your local server: copyFile
  2. Get IP address of the user: getIP
  3. Get geographic informations from IP address: ipToGeo
  4. Get spelling for a word using Google: doSpelling
  5. Make a Tiny URL using tiny url service: doShortURL
  6. Decode a short URL of any service: doShortURLDecode
  7. Check if an URL to an mp3 is really an mp3 file: checkMp3
  8. Check if an URL exists: url_exists
  9. Do SMTP email validation: doSMTPValidation
  10. Get infos of an URL (keywords, title, images, description, favicon…): getUrlInfo
  11. Get infos of a VIDEO URL (title, description, thumb for youtube and vimeo services, for youtube also view count): getVideoUrlInfo
  12. Read facebook counters (with app id and secret) for likes, shares, comments, clicks…: readFacebookCounters
  13. Read facebook fan page counters without facebook developer app: readFacebookPageCounters
  14. Read the numbers of time a URL has been twitted: readTwitterCounter
  15. Read Google +1s counter for an URL: readGooglePlusCounter
  16. Get Google suggested keywords for a keyword: googleSuggestKeywords
  17. Get Latitude and Longitude (georeference) from an address: getLatLong
  18. Get Wikipedia definition Image and GPS coordinates: wikiDefinition
  19. Get Vimeo Info on a video: getVimeoInfo
  20. Get exchange rates, currency converter: getExchangeRateFromTo
  21. Send push notification on android, ios and windows phone devices with Notify My Device app: notifyMyDevice
  22. Send push notification on ios and android devices with Pushover app: notifyPushover
  23. Ping pingomatic services: pingomatic
  24. Get images from a keyword from Picsearch: getImage
  25. Get images at full size from a keyword from Picsearch: getImageBig
  26. Get small images from a keyword from Google: getImageGoogle
  27. Get last images (NOT all) and user data from Instagram: getInstagramPics
  28. Get detailed informations from an Instagram image url: getInstagramPic
  29. Get last instagram pics by hashtag (NOT all the pictures) : getInstagramPicsByTag
  30. Get instagram followers count: getInstagramFollowers
  31. Get twitter user data (followers/followings/avatar): twitterInfo
  32. Get a page, find links, find emails… and more methods for spidering.
  33. Get gravatar image from email address: getGravatar
  34. Get Linkedin counter: getLinkedinCounter
  35. Get Pinterest counter: getPinterestCounter

Future updates will bring new mini bots for you!
To fully work need cURL module installed on your server.

You can play with some methods in this interactive demo or check the complete test demo (same as live preview button).


Here are some online tools made with this class:

instagram send images in email

easy georeference with php

email validation smtp email validator online


v 3.42 - updated twitter info bot
v 3.46 - 12/JUNE/2015 updated instagram, new method getInstagramFollowers, new method notifyPushover
v 3.47 - 01/JULY/2015 updated getLatLong method
v 3.48 - 28/SEPTEMBER/2015 updated Instagram methods
v 3.49 - 06/NOVEMBER/2015 getPage, getUrlInfo improved and minor bugs
v 3.51 - 17/NOVEMBER/2015 fixed twitterInfo, added wikipedia image to wikiDefinition, doGeoIp fix, small bug attr method fixed, better https handle
v 3.52 - 04/JANUARY/2016 fixed twitterInfo problem with spanish language
v 3.55 - 15/APRIL/2016 added getInstagramPicsByTag
v 3.56 - 30/SEPTEMBER/2016 modified methods for Twitter counters, for facebook counters, added data in getUrlInfo for Amazon prices, fixed documentation
v 3.58 - 13/OCTOBER/2016 - added support for private twitter account
v 3.59 - 08/NOVEMBER/2016 removed two methods from Google no longer available, sorry getGoogleBackLinks and getGoogleIndexedPages
v 3.60 27/DECEMBER/2016 - added method readFacebookPageCounters, better parameter at the top of the class to switch between file_get_content and cUrl, updated docs
v 3.61 17/FEBRUARY/2017 - added total count of images in getInstragramPics method
v 3.62 fixed https in wikiDefinition call
v 3.63 fixed following count in twitterInfo method
v 3.64 06/APRIL/2017 - fixed shortUrlDecode, added GPS coordinates in wikipedia definition (if available)
v 3.65 and v.3.66 18/APRIL/2017 - fixed GetInstagramPic
v 3.67 26/APRIL/2017 - added getImageBig method
v 3.68 05/MAY/2017 - fixed twitterInfo
v. 3.71 22/NOVEMBER/2017- fixed readFacebookPageCounters, addedd comments count in instagram methods
v. 3.72 16/JANUARY/2018- updated instagram methods
v. 3.74 19/MARCH/2018 and APRIL - updated instagram user pics method and getInstagramFollowers
v. 3.76 05/11/2018 - fixed problem with encoding in googleSuggestKeywords method
v. 3.77 03/01/2019 - added youtube view count in getVideoUrlInfo method
v. 3.82 03/11/2019 - new getLatLongBis with free api, fixed doSpelling and small fixes


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