Mind Reader Social Game

Mind Reader Social Game


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We are offering all our buyers a FREE copy of the WordPress version of this app. Check out the demo of the WordPress plugin here.


The Mind Reader App is a social game enabling your to guess the words your visitors have in mind. Guess what your visitors are thinking about, and make an impression on them ! The game has a mobile friendly version, and users who connects to it through a mobile device will automatically be redirected to the mobile optimized version of the game.

After the game ends the users can like your page, and send a Twitter status to their followers. Your visitors can also share their impression using the integrated Facebook comments.

This game is also based on a responsive design, and uses no images. This enables the app to run smoothly on most devices, including iPads !

Demo: Try it out here
You can also play this game on Facebook.com as a Facebook app


– A WOW game to impress your visitors
– 2 apps in one (desktop version and mobile optimized version)
– Ability to customize the keywords (famous actors keywords provided with the demo)
– No database required, the keywords are stored in a text file
– Responsive layout
– No images used (to avoid display issues on mobile devices)
– Fully responsive Facebook comments
– Facebook like and Twitter tweet button available at the end of each player game
– Auto-detect if your visitors are using a mobile device
– Mobile version based on jQuery Mobile
– Very clean interface

How the game works

You need to choose a number between 10 and 99. Let’s say you’ve chosen the number 35. Then in the next step you are asked to subtract the sum of the 2 digits number, from the original number. With the number 35, since the sum of the 2 digits is 8, your new number is 27 (35-8). Very easy isn’t it.

Remember that number, and find the case corresponding to it in the random table presented to you. Remember carefully that keyword. Press the “Read my Mind” button, and let’s see if we guess correctly your answer…

Like any magic game, if you know the secret of this game, please keep it secret ! Share the game with all your friends, and let them have a “WOW” effect !

The list of actors we have used in our app can be found here

Mobile version

This game is mobile friendly and the mobile demo can be accessed here


27 June 2014
– Improved the app code and fixed some minor bugs
– Added a mobile detection module to automatically display the mobile optimized version when a mobile device is detected
5 June 2013
– Mobile version support (demo here)

28 May 2013
– Added a button on the home page enabling the users to skip the Facebook connect
– Made the game able to run inside an iframe as a Facebook app just like here

Self hosted solution available

You can get this app for free using our new service: The Tabs Factory enabling to install our listed apps directly on your Facebook pages (no hosting server, no SSL certificate and no coding skills required!)


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