Magic Post Listing PRO – Slider, Masonry, Caption, List, Grid Styles!

Magic Post Listing PRO – Slider, Masonry, Caption, List, Grid Styles!


Magic Post Listing PRO

Using Magic Post Listing PRO you can simply list your desired content on your website by filtering your WordPress posts/pages or even custom post types.
Using MPL PRO, you can filter the contents based on post type (included custom post types), Author, Category, Tags, Parent Page (For Pages), Include posts, Exclude posts and custom post types taxonomies.

Also you can enable post thumbnails, set size for them and link them to post URL if needed. You can show or hide post elements such as Title, Content, Author, Date, Tags, Categories, etc.

Finally, you can choose the layout of MPL plugin, You can create a content slider by Light-Slider layout, Create a simple list or grid view for listing the posts using Default layout, Animate the posts and show them one by one using Animate layout, List the posts with a caption style using Caption layout or show a news ticker bar on your website to show your website news using Ticker layout.

You can use MPL as a widget into one of your theme sidebars or embed it into your pages as a shortcode. Having trouble with writing the shortcodes manually? Don’t worry MPL generates the shortcodes, automatically. MPL generates a PHP code for you as well, so if you like you can place it in one of your theme files as well.


  • Masonry layout with/without pagination
  • Advanced Slider with pager, auto play, loop etc. features
  • Right to Left Slider
  • Simple, Full, Fade, Slide, Rotate, Scale Caption
  • Animate layout with 7 different effects
  • News ticker layout
  • Simple List/Grid styles with pagination
  • Woocommerce compatible


  • WordPress Post/Page Support
  • Advanced filter options
  • Full custom post type support
  • Create unlimited widget instances in same page
  • Custom taxonomy support for filtering custom post types
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive
  • Simple to use
  • List Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Light-Slider Layout
  • Animate Layout
  • Caption Layout
  • WPML Support
  • Ability to show thumbnails
  • Cross Browsers



  • Fixed an issue in light-slider layout.
  • Fixed a language issue.


  • Added Masonry layout to MPL PRO.
  • Added pagination option to default, caption and masonry layouts.
  • Tweak design of MPL widget form and some MPL layouts.
  • Fixed some minor issues.


  • Added Animate Layout.
  • Added Caption Layout.
  • Added Ticker Layout.


  • Fixed cut title and cut content issue.
  • Fixed theme override issue.


  • Added current category filter for category archive pages.
  • Added current tag filter for category archive pages.


  • Fixed content cut issue.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • Added title HTML tag selection feature.
  • Added ability to skip posts that don’t have images.
  • Added responsive display and grid size for default layout.


  • Fixed an ID conflict.


  • Added current post exclusion feature.


  • Fixed a UTF-8 encoding issue.
  • Fixed a responsive issue.


  • Added full taxonomy support for custom post types.
  • Fixed a responsive issue on light-slider layout.


  • Added filter options.
  • Added thumbnail support.
  • Added light-slider layout with its options.
  • Added main color option.


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