MadeSimple: Photo & Video (Media) Gallery

MadeSimple: Photo & Video (Media) Gallery


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Introducing MadeSimple Gallery

MadeSimple Photo/Video Gallery is an incredibly simple and beautiful tool that can be added to any website, customized and populated within minutes. Using a rich and elegant interface this tool allows you to create multiple albums for all your photos and videos easily and painlessly.

Just use our drag-and-drop feature and upload your media in batches, sort them using drag&drop.

Now available in White and Gray by default, with the option of editing the CSS for any color combinations, you have even more options than ever.

Documentation in pdf
Documentation in HTML


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NOTE: Any request for refunds due to incompatibility issues must be accompanied by the results of the compatibility test.You will not be issued any refunds if you have not run the compatibility tester and received a positive compatibility result before purchasing the software.


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photo gallery
Customer usage examples: Sugar Sammy, The Nomadic Life, Sophie Mazarro


  • PHP 5.4.X or greater – also works with most 5.3.X configsl
  • MySQL 5.X
  • PHP: Fileinfo (generally installed by default on most PHP enabled servers)


Interface Options

  • Beautiful and simple user interface
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Enable/Disable Social-media sharing
  • Enable/disable Social media feed integration (FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Youtube, and others)
  • Enable/disable slideshow feature and tweak animation timing
  • Roll-over brightness effect for albums and media items
  • Total items count and current item indicator (ex. Item 34/50)
  • Ability to easily use your own logo, favicon, tagline, page title, etc.
  • Ability to select thumbnails for any album otherwise the gallery will use a random thumbnail for you
  • Ability to add descriptions to all albums and media items
  • Ability to add Youtube videos
  • Swipe next/prev navigation for mobile devices
  • Keyboard prev/next navigation
  • 2 options for static prev/next navigation (no chasing arrows around)
  • Navigate via categories
  • Search through all items using tags
  • Customizable colors and scheme using CSS and other integrated functions

Management Options

  • Optional item description and title
  • Indicators for name, date and total number of items for albums
  • Single uploads with option to add title and description to your photo/video/audio
  • Organize by categories
  • Attach tags to any media items
  • Enable/disable album visibility
  • Enable/disable secondary navigation arrows
  • Enable/disable visibility of media item dates
  • Enable/disable visibility of total # of items in an album
  • Dual-language compatible, with separate page title, site tagline and logo link
  • Enable/disable alternate language fields on albums and items
  • Add widgets in a retractable widget drawer
  • Add analytics and other code into the footer and/or header within the interface
  • Customize colors and other GUI elements quickly via commented CSS file
  • Edit album feature (includes description, title, date, category)
  • Edit item feature (includes description, title, date, use as thumbnail, tags, and move to other album)
  • Reorder albums and/or items via drag and drop
  • Update password and email feature
  • “Forgot password” feature
  • Ergonomic admin interface
  • Quickly apply your site’s html template to create your gallery theme

Feature Overview for Admins

  • Compatible with jpg, png, gif, mp3, mp4, flv, Youtube, mp3
  • Quick installation means you’re up and running in under 10 minutes
  • Cake Compatibility tester: test your server for compatibility even before you purchase the MadeSimple Gallery
  • Compatible with Windows*/Linux servers
  • Batch uploads using a simple drag-and-drop interface, no need for FTP
  • FTP enabled (for huge batch uploading)
  • Quick installer – be up and running in under 10 mins
  • Cake PHP based and Database driven
  • Commented CSS for easy basic customization of major elements
  • Always updated FAQ
  • User guide included
  • *Windows servers with IIS may require additional configuration
    *Works with Jquery up to 1.11.1, requires Jquery Migrate 3.0 plugin to work on jquery 3 or newer


  • Live DEMO
  • Admin access: Username : admin  —   Password: admin

Sample client usage

Have a look at what a couple clients have used our gallery for and how they’ve customized it.

  • Sugar Sammy Gallery
  • The Nomadic Life Gallery
  • Sophie Mazarro Gallery

Themes and Skinning

Want to apply specific styles to the gallery but don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself? Contact us and we’ll gladly provide those services.


Open a ticket for any assistance, tweaks or customizations you may require. We also offer support in Spanish.


Update v2 [7/20/17]
Interface Updates:

  • [UPDATE]
  • Added a white gallery option via CSS
  • Increased Thumbnail size for albums and media
  • Categories and sorting occasionally not registering
  • Logout cache issue
  • Compatibility tester install issue

Update v2 [9/26/16]
Interface Updates:

  • [ADD]
  • rollover effects added for user view and album management
  • complete color scheme change
  • integration of MadeSimple SimpleBox media viewer (overlay)
  • increased default number of items/albums per page
  • updated loading animations
  • ability to toggle secondary arrows
  • reorganization of action buttons throughout admin areas
  • ability to search through all media items
  • highlight effect for rows in album list view for increased efficiency and security

Admin Updates:

  • [ADD]
  • ability to test software compatibilty on your server before purchasing the product using our new compatibility tester
  • ability to enable dual-language
  • added Quick action toolbar
  • ability to reorder albums/items by chronology
  • ability to reorder albums via drag&drop
  • ability to reorder all media albus via drag&drop
  • ability to toggle visibility on any album
  • ability to tag any media item
  • album to edit albums from any page rather than just from the admin area
  • ability to integrate youtube videos
  • ability to enable/disable secondary navigation arrows
  • ability to quickly remove/restore logo
  • ability to toggle item and album date visibility

Update v1.12 [6/4/15]
Interface Tweak:

  • [ADD]
  • Added ability to swipe through images on mobile devices

Update v1.1 [4/30/15]
Interface Tweak:

  • [ADD]
  • Added “Select all” option to admin area for easily deleting the entire contents of an album

Update v1.1 [2/21/15]
Visual updates:

  • [ADD]
  • Album Titles added to main page
  • Date feature added to albums and images (optional for images)
  • Date added to album list in Admin UI
  • Display of current image number over total images per album ex. | 3 of 43 |
  • Long titles and long descriptions now possible
  • [TWEAK]
  • Updated admin UI for managing images
  • Updated icon pack
  • Updated front-end UI
  • Improved Next/Previous UI for images


  • [ADD]
  • Lightbox was replaced with a custom solution: Simplebox Standard
  • Social sharing of individual images made optional
  • Date for images feature displayed on Simplebox made optional
  • Album order by date added/edited feature added
  • [TWEAK]
  • CSS comments and organization optimized for easier front-end changes
  • Optimized code for better compatibility across servers
  • Many more small details

Update v1.01 [9/24/14]

  • [ADD]
  • Added option to show the date items were added to the gallery. This option can be turned on or off via the control panel.
  • [TWEAK]
  • Disabled some data checks that were occasionally keeping the software from being installed on compatible servers.
  • Fixed styling issues that caused some forms to be displayed in an unintended way on lower resolution monitors.


MadeSimple Media Gallery (Photo & Video) is a simple and effective software package designed to make managing your media and posting it online – convenient, and efficient. Unlike many other media galleries out there, MadeSimple provides a clean user interface, multiple upload and management options, social media integration, dual-language support, a great media viewer, and a slew of other features. No other gallery is easier to use!


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