Liquid Listings PHP Business Directory

Liquid Listings PHP Business Directory


Liquid Listings PHP Business Directory

A robust and customizable php framework for any business directory. This code can be integrated with any directory theme.

Includes a complete site template with php files, js scripts, and css files.


Online demo

Admin Demo

Admin Dashboard demo


Features and documentation

Envato Updates

We plan on updating this project regularly. All ideas will be considered.

Issues and Bugs

Report your issues here: Envato Support

Who Needs This Framework?

Developers that need to implement a listings features on their website. This php application can be added to any existing website or used for a new website. Our product is designed to be a mix between a Yellow Pages directory and an SEO marketing blog.

Easy Installation and Setup

Admin Panel – Search, Add, and Delete Listings

Supports Photos and Videos

Supports Membership Levels

Supports Blacklisting

Track Viewed Profiles

Track Searched Keywords

New! Manage Blog Posts in Admin

Uses Structured Schema Data Tags

Generates Static HTML Pages for SEO

Geolocation Included

Feature for Blocking Access to Any Country, State, City, or IP

BONUS: Includes Specially-Designed EXCEL Upload Sheet

Uploading new content to the site is a breeze!

BONUS: 10 Different Tables to Help Expand Your Site

Zip Codes, Postal Codes, SIC Codes, NAICS Codes, Street Suffixes, Area codes, Top NA Cities, and more.

Tons of Other Cool Features and Scripts

Save Hundreds of Hours of Development Time


There is an installation guide included with the files. We also have a doc website with more info and troubleshooting tips.


  • Instructions
  • Coding Tips
  • FAQ
  • Report a Bug

Changes June 18, 2015

    - Added a public area to allow users to add their companies to the directory
    - Users can also see the most recent searches

Changes January 22, 2015

    - Fix for subdirectory installs

Changes December 15, 2014

    - Better Admin Integration
    - Blog Posts, Keywords, and Regions Managers
    - Updated the integration of the home page, blog-loop, blog-post, header, and sidebar.
    - Renamed style-less.less to style.less

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