Leads Contact Forms

Leads Contact Forms


Leads Contact Forms

Collect your contact leads from any 3rd party site by simple placing small peace of HTML and JavaScript code within their page content.


All forms are controlled from one simple PHP master site. From here you can generate a HTML/JavaScript code that needs to be added on the html content on your target site from where you want to get contact leads.
This generated code looks like this:

<div id="dv011131990281960158" style="width: 400px;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://formpost1.arthaus.mk/CrossDomainPost/form.php?div_id=dv011131990281960158&template=contact_ver1"></script>

For testing purposes you can simple copy the above code and add to the HTML content on your site. Please make sure that that code is added as HTML code, without replacing the ”<” and ”>” or “script” tag by your content editor.

Your master site must be hosted on server with PHP and must have session enabled.

Functionality features

This is very simple but powerful contact forms generator that has the following features:

  • This ajax post form is cross-domain compatible, you can place this code on any 3rd party site
  • No need of any installation on the 3rd party sites, except adding this HTML/JavaScript code there
  • Captha validation included in contact forms
  • Easy form customization if you have small experience in HTML/CSS
  • Simple PHP backend Master Site that can be set for less then 5 minutes
  • Send submitted form data via email and in the same time save the form data in log files (tab delimited) on master site
  • Forms layout is inherited from parent site layout, the form will look similar with the other parent site forms
  • Forms width is controlled by parent div tag, it extends dynamically to the full width of the parent div.
  • Forms are fully compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other web site where you have option to add HTML code


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