King Media Bulk Youtube Importer Plugin

King Media Bulk Youtube Importer Plugin


King Media Video image Upload and Share Script/Product allow you to upload video & images, share Facebook, YouTube, vk, vine, Instagram, Metacafe etc. link to site as well.

BUT this don’t have ability to add BULK IMPORT feature in this script, 

“BULK YOUTUBE IMPORT FOR KING MEDIA” Help you to import bulk YouTube video to your website, you have 100% control over importing media.


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  1. Ajax Multi Level Category Selecting

  2. Set # of Results to Display

  3. Youtube Category Selection

  4. Search by Order

  5. Pagination for Search Result!

  6. Search by Channel ID

  7. Set Tags Before Importing

  8. Search Keywords to find your desire youtube Results

  9. Display Results with Thumbnail, Editable Title and Tags, as well as Lighbox Preview before Import.

  10. Script Don’t display results which already in database (so no duplicate).

  11. Re-Calculate category counts, every time you import.

  12. HIGH Quality Thumbnail Selection

  13. Ajax Based Importing.

  14. Youtube API Key !

  15. Simple one click Installation (No Database setting required, just youtube API).

  16. Using “medoo” Database Framework.

  17. Bootstrap and Responsive Layout

  18. jQuery and LiveQuery Usage!

  19. Lightweight and Fast

  20. No Tags! No problem, script will fetch “channel name” as Tags

  21. Standalone Installation did not change a single file or Database structure in “ORIGINAL SCRIPT”.

  22. Secure and Simple Login System.


  1. PHP 5.2+
  2. file_get_contents (with fopen url)
  3. Youtube API

Database will be used from King Media Script:



username: admin

password: admin

Important Information/FAQ

This script if very powerful and easy to use
This script can’t count points and display tags in the “TAG Menu”, but there is a way to fix this issue, Follow the instruction bellow to understand!

I can’t see any Categories in This script?

You have to active “Categories” in Admin Panel of King Media Script, Admin -> “Media Classification” -> Select “Tags and Categories” from Drop Down!
And then Create Category from the Main Menu under Admin panel

What Username You select for Importing?

We Select UserID 0 which is probably be the Admin

I have imported Media (youtube video) as Admin but i can’t see Points changes?

This script won’t effect on Points, If you want to update points, Goto Stats -> and Click on “Recalculate user Points”, Points will be recalculated!

Why i can’t see Tags in “TAG MENU”?

Its easy to Display goto Admin -> Stats click on “Recount Posts” and then “Reindex Content”, That’s It!


Change Log:

V1.2 (27-07-2017)

  1. Added: Youtube Category selection
  2. Added: Video Order by Selection
  3. Added: Video Search by Channel ID
  4. Added: Pagination for Youtube Result
  5. Added: Improve Design

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