Kampanya – Advanced Campaigns Shopping System

Kampanya – Advanced Campaigns Shopping System


Which is very simple to use with this system you can buy the product in a very comfortable way.
Visitors from the membership without having to spin the products they want users were based on the purchase immediately.
This simple and convenient system I believe most people do the job.
Instead of using a shopping complex systems very easily as you want with this system you can afford to do product sales


Version 1.4.1

New - Database Class updated for PHP 7

Version 1.4

New - Admin menu was developed
New - In some areas, the bootstrap validation was used
New - Upgrade to reboot the system has been integrated
Fixed - admin error has been corrected to update information
Fixed - error has been fixed in the order list of users
Fixed - detected in the background, some bugs have been fixed

Version 1.3

New - Great new interface 
New - User-friendly membership system 
New - Simple and secure login 
New - User profile editing page 
New - Shopping Cart system. 
New - Cart adding, removing, updating 
New - step by step sale form 
New - user-friendly and smart billing address system 
New - User-friendly ordering details 
New - advanced user-friendly product details page 
New - JQuery amount of stock alert 
New - User-friendly menu jquery category 
New - Fontaweso icon to integration 
New - Product search system. 
New - Multi-language support 
New - More new and beautiful TAG system 
New - Social media sharing system 
New - Facebook like box
New - An improved system footer 
New - A new top bar
New - Banners smarter tracking system 
New - Administrator or user to add, delete 
New - More advanced settings page. 
New - Smart and useful category system 
New - Adding unlimited and speed categories 
New - Delete Quick categories 
New - Select category icon 
New - Fixed delete button page 
New - Handling charges are added module 
New - New ordering system details 
New - Advanced category system for processing product or category. 
New - version1.4 is an advanced infrastructure for
Fixed - All detected errors were corrected. 
Fixed - Some plug-ins has been upgraded to the latest version

Version 1.2

New - The advanced page of the management system
New - Tag page user interface was
New - The advanced contact page is added.
New - Contact page in the administration section is added.
New - communication messages as e-mail, to respond is added.
New - The Admin area is characterised by the developed and detailed.
New - Sales of the product to stop or resume feature added.
New - The user interface to add the menu to the right.

Fixed - Stock of finished products, the sale of fixed
Fixed - The fixes were done in the user interface
Fixed - Some bugs have been fixed

Version 1.1

New - Tags was added to the system
New - Meta description field was added to the system
New - 404 Page added
New - Home page timer field is added to the product
New - Number of products was introduced on the main page options

Fixed - Some bugs have been fixed


– User interface features

  • Simple, Easy and clear user interface
  • Publish unlimited items for sale
  • Sales-oriented system.
  • SEO Friendly URLs.
  • Quick and easy sale form.
  • Sales were added to form the whole world.
  • Multi-language support
  • Advanced product features, photos and video representation
  • Product sales and inventory statistics show
  • Product Reviews Writing
  • Eye-catching features with jQuery.
  • Option to pay with PayPal
  • Credit Card payment option
  • The option to pay at the door

– Admin panel features

  • Secure admin panel input
  • New Orders List
  • Old Orders list
  • Advanced ordering details
  • Or cancel the order confirmation
  • Product List
  • Adding Advanced product page
  • Advanced product details
  • Integrated Jquery FitText Plugin
  • Integrated Jquery bootstrap-datetimepicker Plugin
  • Integrated Jquery Summernote Super Simple WYSIWYG Plugin
  • Integrated Jquery bootstrapvalidator Plugin
  • Sales Statistics
  • Adding or deleting new manager
  • Jquery multiple image upload
  • Image management
  • Admin panel with multiple language support for


Site Demo : http://truewd.net/demos/kampanya/index.php
Admin Demo: http://truewd.net/demos/kampanya/admin/
User Email : [email protected]
User Pass: admin

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