jQuery responsive youtube playlist for WordPress

jQuery responsive youtube playlist for WordPress


jQuery responsive youtube auto playlist player for WordPress

A very simple way to show a youtube playlist with jquery and fully responsive player. You can choose the following playlists. A regulair playlist (the default), user_uploads (channel), make a list with search keywords or make your own custom list all with the use of shortcodes

compatible with jquery 1.9x and WP 3.8


For those of you who just made a channel you will see an ID instead of a channelname.

For example UCuo5NTU3pmtPejmlzjCgwdw

If you want to use this for the user_uploads (channel) change UC to UU so you will get UUuo5NTU3pmtPejmlzjCgwdw

For a demo visit this page and resize your browser. You will see the responsive effect.

or look at a real client website with a responsive template or here example responsive template

For some documentation look here

Here an video example on youtube

Some comments

“BUY THIS PLUGIN! I absolutely love it.” – mrhocs


This is the default playlist player from youtube and uses flash or html5. On some devices it will use the video overlay from the used OS, so it will play the video’s but with a different look (for example on a iphone).

Some info about this player on the youtube forum or a playground to test some options for yourself


1.3 Added float right, float left option around text – 06-07-2013

1.2 Added loop option – 09-06-2013

1.1 Revision autohide true or false and automatic http(s) – 21-01-2013

1.0 Initial release


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