Job / Task Manager

Job / Task Manager


This is a simple project management tool, specifically made simple and free of clutter. This tool can be used to keep score of jobs with completion percentages, reminder type notes and custom timezone date and time record keeping. It also has urgency which bumps tasks to the top of the list and alters their colour to stand out. If you have a small business that would benefit from prioritization or you just like to keep organized it’s the perfect little tool for you.

6th September 2013

Some big updates this time ‘round.

  • Removed the bandaid fix for deprecation issues and replaced all deprecated jQuery functions with new and accepted functions.
  • Updated the jQuery and jQueryUI versions.
  • Tweaked the colours slightly on the progress bars.
  • Increased the widths on all the modal boxes for easier use.
  • Assorted tweaks and fixes.

25th April 2013

  • Fixed major jQuery deprecation issue that new buyers were experiencing.
  • Fixed assorted minor issues.

10th September 2012

  • altered the edit percentage to be a slider, instead of text input
  • major update ->timezones are now set and saved to a ‘settings’ table in the database, no longer relying on cookies and flimsy auto-detection. There’s also a timezones table which all info is drawn from, rather than lengthy multi-dimensional array work.
  • minor bug fixes and common-sense errors, such as apostrophes, dashes and underscores being allowed in job names

15th August 2012

  • redesigned date and time module, now updating live
  • smartened up the new_job.php file
  • minor code cleanups throughout
  • (ie. Hover on “43 minutes ago” and see “Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 10:48pm”)
  • added validation to the task forms (should have a bit of a cleaner demo now!)
  • altered the appearance/colour of urgent fields
  • modified the date fields in the sql to be varchar instead of datetime, to allow iso8601 formatting
    – just trust me, it all works better.
  • times and dates are now better tracked
  • as a result, added timezone calculation, to show accurate time
  • hover-over ‘time ago’ fields now show Facebook-exact local time offsets

10th August 2012

  • Fixed incompatibility issue with Google Chrome.
  • Updated to latest jQuery and latest jQueryUI.
  • Fixed button label issue that arose from updates.

8th August 2012

  • Removed ‘completed’ as an edit option.
  • Associated 100% completion with ‘completed’ in the database.
  • Associated less than 100% as the opposite of completed, allowing urgency to be set.
  • Made it impossible to mark a project as both urgent and complete.
  • Fixed the percentage exceeding 100%.
  • Altered all <? ?> PHP tags to the correct syntax of <?php ?>


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