Ion Address Book

Ion Address Book


Ion Address Book is a contacts management web application
written in PHP and MySQL. Written entirely in core PHP without using
any PHP frameworks. Developed based on modern design principles and
state of the art UI/UX. It is a premium application with rich
feature set to support all your needs related to the contacts
management using an address book.


  • Import and Export Contacts
    • Supports interoperability between other systems by allowing you to export all your contact records in a CSV file. You can also export a contact as vCard and share.
    • Supports import of contact records using a CSV file.
  • Contact wise Custom Fields
    • Members using the application can add custom fields at
      runtime and that too at individual record level.
  • Responsive design
    • This web application can be used seamlessly across all
      devices like mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.
  • Search, Filter, Sort and Pagination
    • Uni-field search, simple and quick to use
    • Powerful filter option to filter out the records
    • Sort the listed records column wise in ascending or
      descending order.
    • Records are paginated in the list and the pagination limit
      can be configured by developer.
  • Photo upload
    • Photo can be uploaded using drag-and-drop for contacts.
  • Group the Contacts
    • You can create custom groups like VIP, Family, College,
      etc and tag the contact to multiple groups. Then you can use
      filter to list group-wise contacts.
  • Multi Member Access
    • You can create multiple members in the application and
      give access to them.
  • AJAX based seamless UI
    • Pages do not refresh on the whole. The AJAX based UI is a
      joy to work with.
  • MVC Architecture
    • Industry standard MVC architecture is used for
      construction of the application. This enables to quickly learn the
      application modular structure.
  • Easily Customizable
    • Standard industry practices and conventions are used.
      Sufficient comments are added to the code. This will enable the
      developer to customize the application easily.
  • Secure Access
    • Passwords are encrypted with an advance algorithm and hash
      with salt. Nobody can decrypt and read it, even with DB access.
  • High Volume Contacts
    • Application is optimized for storing, retrieving and
      managing high volume contacts. Will easily stand stable for
      million contact records.

Address Book Release History

11 May 18 - Version 2.3.0:    
    - Added: Functionality to import contact records from a CSF file.

1 Mar 18 - Version 2.2.0:    
    - Added: Export as vCard.
    - Added: Geo Location (Latitude and Longitude) for contacts.
    - Updated: Photo upload component fineupload updated to latest version.
    - Fix: Usage of deprecated method mcrypt_create_iv() removed.
    - Compatibility - with PHP version 7.2

2 Nov 17 - Initial Release:
    - Export contacts as CSV.
    - Contacts grouping.    
    - Contact wise custom fields.
    - Favorite contacts.
    - Search, filter, sort and pagination.
    - Photo upload.
    - Multi member access.


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