Help Desk – Customer Service – Ticket System

Help Desk – Customer Service – Ticket System



E-mail and jQuery powered attachment supported Help Desk, Online Customer Care, Ticket System. Provide your customers send their questions or problems to you by a professional system. Template system is fully customizable.


Front View

1. Users
• Your customers can sign up and add their contact details.
• E-mail activation after sign up.
• User Login

2. Ticket Management
• Users can submit tickets,
• Add attachments to their tickets (jQuery and AJAX powered)
• Supported file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPS, PPTX and PPSX
• Save their tickets as drafts to continue later
• Engage in message conversation with admin inside the tickets
• When a new message is submitted, the system sends mail to recipients

Admin View

1. User Management
• Admins can add, edit, delete or make admin other users

2. Ticket Management
• Admins can engae in message conversation with users inside the tickets
• When a new message is submitted, the system sends mail to recipients and gives warning at the admin page
• Admins can close or re-open tickets

3. Site Settings
• Admins can set the cookie settings, site template, site title and site e-mail.

Other Features

1. PHP based template system
• Easily create your own templates without any knowledge of php.
• The template system is quite similar to or even simplier than wordpress template system


1. Create a database.
2. Edit the details in “settings.php” in the includes folder of the script for your needs and preferences.
3. Change the read-write permissions of “files” folder and other folders inside to 777.
4. Upload all files to your server in the folder you’ve specified in the settings.php file.
5. Visit the address for installation.


March 15, 2012:
* Addded date / time feature
* Changed the layout and design


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