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Gold MOVIES is simple and awesome movies script. You can simply search and watch your movie. You need to add Movies, TV Shows, Episodes manually from admin-panel. You can create more succesfull website with many advertising spaces. It has Google Adsense and Google Analytics Support. So Why are you waiting to buy ? You need only to click on Buy Button.

We have Sitemap Gold MOVIES - 4and RSS Gold MOVIES - 5 Features.


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Minimum server requirements

  • PHP 5.3 or above
  • MySQL Database

Our ThemesGold Team will be happy to help you with ticket supporting to create many features.

Best Regards,
Your Friend ThemesGold.

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New Update 1.0.4 adds & fixes (28/08/2015) the following:

  • Seasons, Serials and Episodes in one post. (Seasons Switcher, Episodes Switcher for each TV Show)
  • Fixed small bugs

New Update 1.0.3 adds & fixes (04/07/2015) the following:

  • iPad, iPhone & Android Devices Support (new jQuery plugin for Gold PLAYER)
  • Disqus Comments (From a clean, intuitive design that millions of commenters know and trust)
  • Fully Translatable (A multilingual engine to translate language quickly and easily)

New Update 1.0.2 adds & fixes (02/06/2015) the following:

  • TV Shows, Seasons, Series, Episodes
  • Automatic function with ADD MOVIE – Fetch Information from TMDB (with title or year)
  • Movies, TV Shows, Seasons, Series, Episodes edit features

New Update 1.0.1 adds & fixes (11/05/2015) the following:

  • Added New Gold Player for uploaded movies (mp4, flv and etc.)
  • Improved script installation


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