Freelance Cockpit – Project Management

Freelance Cockpit – Project Management


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This application will help you to organize your projects, clients and invoices. Your clients will love it as they can login to the client protal and see the status of their projects and invoices what makes this application suitable for almost every freelancer.

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Key Features

  • Dashboard
    Helpfull overview of open projects, open invoices, received and outstanding payments.
  • Project Management
    Create and manage all your projects so you keep your overview.
  • Project Tasks
    You can add tasks to any project.
  • Project Timer
    This will help you to track the time you have spent on a project.
  • File Upload and commenting
    On all projects you can upload any kind of files, like a screenshot of the mockup you made for a new web project, so the client can review and comment his thoughts about it.
  • Client Management
    Easily manage your clients with all the details you need.
  • Client Portal
    Your clients can view the status of their projects and invoices.
  • Invoice Management
    Creating and sending invoices was never that easy!
  • Item Management
    Manage your items/products
  • Quick Access
    Quickly open a project or start/stop the timer using the Quick Access widget.
  • Database backup
    Never loose any data again!
  • System Update
    As soon as an update gets released, you can update your application within the webinterface.
  • Easy Installation Tool
    Very easy installation, no programming skills required.
  • Multi Language Support
    Full language support with language files.
  • Quotation Request
    The quotation request form can be accessed without login, so you can send the link directly to potential clients or just add the link to your corporate website.
  • Private Messaging
    Send private messages to admins and clients.
  • Paypal Integration
    Your clients can easily pay invoices via Paypal.
  • And more

Login Details

Admin Login
Username: Admin
Password: password

Client Login
Username: [email protected]
Password: password

Update Changelog

  • Version 1.2.1
    • Paypal Integration
    • Several small bugs fixed
    • Language files updated
  • Version 1.2.0
    • Private messaging feature added
    • Error on deleting media files fixed
    • Spanish language files fixed
    • French language updated
    • Several bugs fixed
  • Version 1.1.0
    • Quotation feature added
    • Language files updated
    • Some small bugs fixed
  • Version 1.0.5
    • Core update function fixed.
  • Version 1.0.4
    • Dutch language files added.
    • Client zip code field fixed.
    • Zip code field was missing on client view.
    • City was coming up twice on client view.
  • Version 1.0.3
    • Multi language support
    • Form submit issue on Safari fixed
    • Several other small bugs fixed
  • Version 1.0.2
    • Issue with logo upload fixed
    • Page title changed to company name
  • Version 1.0.1
    • Invoice date format fixed

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3+
  • Mysql 4.1+


  • Special thanks to Fraize who translated the whole application to french!
  • Special thanks to deNickNL who translated the whole application to dutch!
  • Special thanks to Donescobar who translated the whole application to spanish!


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