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Form-Presto is a Php / Xml / jQuery script that that helps in generating great looking HTML forms instantly. Just 2 lines of code


You edit some .xml files, upload, and the form is ready to go.

FORM PRESTO is Html5/Html 1.0 strict/Css3 valid

Valid HTML 5
Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
Valido Css 3


  • HTML 5 / XHTML Strict validated
  • CSS3 validated
  • Full UTF8 support for accented chars, even in the plain/text email transmitted data
  • Tested in Firefox 5, Chrome18.0, Safari 5.1, IE8.0, works even in IE7 (detected via php) with fixed width layout (because css3 box-sizing declaration doesn’t work)
  • All code (jQuery snippets too) is packed in a 30Kb .php file
  • Css & Javascript output automatic minification (in the source you can see and eventually edit the code as usual, but in the webpage it will appear minified)
  • Htacces security file included, has the function to secure the data folder content


  • Mobile ready, thanks to the css3 box-sizing liquid layout, is displayed perfectly on all devices, regardless of resolution
  • Multilanguage (up to 6 languages but others may be added fast and easy modifying php code)
  • Multiple form instances in one page
  • Manages title, subtitle, description of the form
  • You can add as many field as you need even the more complicated form becomes easy
  • Manage all field types textbox, textarea, select, checkbox, radio, divider, contentbox, googlemap, fileupload, button (.jpg images can also be loaded as form fields)
  • For each field you can edit label, description, tooltip message, initial value, options and custom error message
  • Inline jQuery validation , no page refresh, form submits only if validations rules are fulfilled.
  • Inline serialized data submission
  • Customisable email message for Administrator
  • Optional carbon copy emails for Administrator’s staff
  • Optional customisable confirm email message for users, with submitted data resume
  • Customisable thankyou/success screen with a confirm message, and even an optional “long text” useful to display statements, clauses, notices etc.
  • Support geocoded Google maps, simply type address, set zoom level and you can manage infowindow data too!
  • Zoomable galleries, polls, surveys!
  • Direct loading of jpg images as the same as normal form-fields
  • Support file upload with filetype and maxsize validation, with option to decide i attach or link the uploaded file (1 upload for each form, but in the next release there will be multiple uploads)
  • Optional submissions archive in .csv file or Mysql table (appends date of submission and IP too)
  • Optional after submit URL redirect
  • Built-in antispam: fake bot-only visible fields (honey-pot)
  • Built-in security token (antiCSFR)


  • Jquery realtime Regex validation, with optional custom errors for each field – Preselected rules :
    required / rightanswer (md5 encrypt) / allowedfile(for upload) / onlyletters / onlynumbers / phone / email / url / morethan3 / morethan10 / lessthan3 / lessthan10
  • Full field dimension error messages (jQuery fading in & out)


  • Template based, revolutionize the entire look of a form by simply setting 10/15 .xml parameters and overriding 14 .png images (backgrounds)
  • Automatic pixel-perfect o percent-perfect dimensioning of each field, obtained with nested divs and CSS3 box-sizing declaration.
  • Liquid or pixel based width of each field, with multicolumn auto positioning when fields <100% or < of the form pixel width.
  • Optional height override for every field generated (field height is content based by default)
  • Simply organize order and width of each field simply renaming the .xml file (So there is no need to open .xml files to change order positioning or dimensions)


Super easy for beginners:

  • 5 skins included
  • “ready to go” & “advanced-forms” examples included

Interesting for intermediate or advanced user:

Source contains some useful Php / Xml / Css tricks, for example:

  • Load and display multilanguage content from xml files via SimpleXML function
  • Generate dynamic CSS via php and xml loaded variables
  • Generate “perfect width” nested elements with CSS3 box-sizing declaration
  • jQuery onSubmit inline validation with fadeIn & fadeOut error divs

There are also some quite useful functions you’ll find in php source:

  • ThisPageURL to get the current URL complete with variables
  • PerfectAscii to sanitize non ascii chars from any string
  • PerfectMailutf8 to manage correctly accented chars in the email messages
  • PerfectAttachment to manage email with attachements

Tips and tricks

FormPresto is Swiss Army knife, with a bit of fantasy you can setup:

  • Image galleries with jQuery zoom : with dynamic .jpg loading (see example)
  • Surveys: with textbox/rightanswer fields(see example)
  • Captchas:with textbox/rightanswer fields
  • Password panels: textbox/rightanswer and URL redirect
  • Download managers: textbox/rightanswer and URL redirect to a .zip file
  • Multilanguage simple pages: using contentbox fields
  • Googlemaps display: using googlemap fields (see example)
  • Polls widgets:using .csv tostore submitted data (see example)




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