Font Uploader

Font Uploader


Font Uploader - 1

Font Uploader allows you to upload your very own fonts to WordPress and assign them to classes and ID’s throughout your website. Use multiple fonts on one page!

The Font Uploader outputs the proper CSS so that your font shows correctly in the browser to support your font format. Cross browser compatible and uses @font-face CSS. No clunky API or conversions are necessary.

Upload multiple fonts and preview them in the Font Uploader settings screen as shown below…

Font Uploader - 2

Assign fonts to your text right from the WordPress visual editor as shown below…

Font Uploader - 3

Font Uploader supports the following formats:

  • TTF
  • OTF
  • WOFF
  • SVG
  • EOT

*Not all fonts have licensing to be used on the web. Please ensure your font has the proper licensing before attempting to use.

Version Updates

Version 2.0 – October 8, 2016 (MAJOR UPDATE)
- Rebuilt plugin to use logic that if a font file type is not available it does not output the CSS for that file type
- Updated CSS outputs for the different font file types
- Added ability to enter multiple file types for one font under a single entry
- Added ability to manually name font when uploading, this name will be used in WP Editor dropdown

Version Updates

Version 1.2 – August 16, 2016
- MAJOR UPDATE notice included in plugin. The next update (not this one) is a MAJOR UPDATE and none of your settings/data will be saved. Please screenshot/keep a record of your current font setup.
- Fixed some bootstrap settings
Version 1.2 – December 14, 2015
- Added preview of uploaded fonts in Font Uploader settings
- Added ability to use uploaded fonts right from WordPress Visual Editor


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