Facebook Viral for Fb Pages Tabs

Facebook Viral for Fb Pages Tabs


Did you ever dream to get a viral app fully integrated to the Facebook experience? You’ve got it. With this app you can let you users connect with their Facebook account before being able to access a reserved content (video, article, download link…).

But that’s only one part of this app can do, here are the most awesome and marketing oriented list of features…

New May 2018
This app is now fully compatible with our Facebook Viral App


– Get and store in your database the users email
– Be able to post a message on your users Facebook wall
– Be able to send an email to your users
– You can send message to only one, or a selected group of users !
– Preview any user data stored in the database (email, name, etc)
– Build-in tool to export your users data into a CSV format
– Automatic send a defined email to your users when they first connect
– Ability to delete the users from the backend interface
– Customize the content reserved for connected users right from a backend form
– Rich text editor for the locked content (new)

This app can get you more traffic, features a proven way to get your real users email, and can be a base for your promotional and marketing projects.

Facebook Requirements
Please note that you need to have your server that supports SSL and https:// in order to be able to run an framed app into Facebook. That has been made mandatory by Facebook since Oct 1, 2011


21 May 2018
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v3.0
– Made this app fully compatible and equal with our Facebook Viral App
6 June 2014
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.0


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