Facebook Viral Content Locker for WordPress

Facebook Viral Content Locker for WordPress


This plugin enables you to lock a content (text, video, images, etc…) inside your WordPress posts or pages, and let your users only access it after connecting with their Facebook account. You can also activate the “Share on Facebook” to unlock, forcing your visitors to share your page link on their Facebook wall before being able to unlock the page (New)

After connection and authorizing your app, your visitors information and emails get stored in your database and you can export the data as a CSV format.


– Lock any content on your pages/posts
– Visitors need to connect with your app to unlock your content
– Lock an unlimited number of contents (on several pages/posts)
– Get your users email address in your database
– Export users data to CSV
– Shortcode support
– Customize the title and message on locking page
– CSS file to customize the locked content and invite to unlock texts
– The most easy way to create premium content reserved for connected users
– AJAX powered plugin settings page.
– Emails autopost (New)
– Share on Facebook Dialog (New)
– Ability to force the visitors to share the page on their Facebook wall to unlock the content (New)
– No need any app approval from Facebook


– Demo 1 (locking an embed video)
– Demo 2 (locking an article)


1 Jan 2016 – v1.7.3
– Fixed an issue when unlocking the content and saving the connected users information
7 Sept 2015
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.4
– Updated the backend interface
– Added an Emails autopost to send an email to users connecting the first time
– Added the Ability to force the visitors to share the page on their Facebook wall to unlock the content
– Deprecated the Facebook Wall Autopost because of new Facebook restrictions. The feature is still available through the backend but will not be supported anymore
3 June 2014
– Updated the plugin to the latest Facebook API v2.0
14 Nov 2013
– Ability to export the users that can now be imported to our Facebook Viral App (enabling to post on your users wall and to send them emails)
23 June 2013
– Updated to our latest server side Facebook authentication system
19 December 2012
– Updated to support latest Facebook API changes, and newest WordPress (v3.5)
– Whole new code base with a more powerful plugin settings interface
– Ability to have multiple locked content on the same page !
– Ability to customize the locked content box CSS, unlocked box, and also the clickable call to action title and message underneath it.

Shortcode Use examples

Here is the general shortcode (using the custom data set in the plugin settings page):

[fb_wpress_content_locker id="1"] My locked content comes here [/fb_wpress_content_locker]

Here is the shortcode used for our demo 1 customized with parameters:

[fb_wpress_content_locker id="2" title="Are you ready to unlock the secret content?" message="Any type of content can be defined as a locked content!"]<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XXAzGGX2tpw" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"></iframe>[/fb_wpress_content_locker]

Standalone Facebook content locker

Facebook Viral Content Locker for WordPress - 1


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