Facebook Smart Tagging

Facebook Smart Tagging


Facebook Smart Tagging

Smart Tag is a Facebook application which allows its users to instantly tag a picture with a random selection of friends. This proves to be a very good tool for viral marketing as all the tagged friends gets notification as well as information about the tagged picture. Propagation of all the information about your product can be easily done by Smart Tag, quickly and effortlessly, without manually picking up your friends one by one. Smart Tag provides the facility to randomly pick selected number of your friends from your friend’s list and tag the specified picture.


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Main Features:

  • Randomly tag any number of your friends without any manual intervention.
  • A very effective and powerful tool for viral marketing
  • Saves time and effort
  • Helps you to tag selected number of your friends in seconds!!
  • Attractive User Interface and easy to use
  • Easy to Implement
  • Extensive documentation
  • Works in all major browsers
  • Very helpful to popularize your product extensively.

Other Important things to know:

  • 10 Minutes Easy Installation.
  • Does not require any additional Server Setting.
  • Easy to edit CSS file.
  • Every file has been commented with appropriate tips.

Requirements and Recommendations

A PHP enabled server (version 4.3+) is required for the script to work.

NOTE : A basic knowledge of PHP is recommended to be able to implement the script, however the documentation is extensive so you may not need any.

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