Facebook Like Locker Pro for WordPress

Facebook Like Locker Pro for WordPress


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Tap into Facebook’s 700 million+ users with Like Locker Pro. Like Locker PRO adds tons of powerful features that blow the original Like Locker out of the water allowing you to add thousands of fans, likes, and social traffic with almost no work. More likes = More Traffic = More $$$$! Build a social media super presence over night by locking all, or just parts of your posts! Facebook is a proven traffic source and can create long term growth for your websites.

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  • Lock any content you want behind a Like or Share Button – Users cannot view content until a button is pressed! HTML, Images, Downloads, Audio, Flash Etc.
  • No way to view content until the Like/Share Button is pressed!
  • PostLocker feature allows you to automatically lock every post / page on your site! You can also choose to exclude / only lock certain pages right from the admin panel!
  • Includes powerful tinyMCE toolbar plugin that allows you to create Like Lockers without typing a single line of code!
  • Unlimited number of Like Lockers per page!
  • Shortcodes work inside of lockers! – For example if the content you lock contains shortcodes, those shortcodes will still work once the content is unlocked.
  • Includes Dashboard Spy and full tracking that allows you to see who is liking/sharing what, and what pages they are unlocking content on!
  • Each locker can be fully customized!
  • Includes 8 different locker color themes!
  • Support for ALL Facebook API locales, just enter your country code and the Like button will be rendered in your locale!
  • AJAX settings / admin panel!
  • Uses the new HTML5 version of Facebooks Like Button for enhanced tracking!
  • PROVEN to add tons of fans and bring loads of social traffic to your sites!
  • Includes full documentation and instructions.
  • Free updates!
  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releases
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9 & 10
  • Works on all iOS5 devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + Most Android Devices

Great For…

  • Download links
  • Wallpaper sites
  • Free download sites
  • Access to premium content
  • Tutorial Unlocks
  • Audio Downloads
  • Music Video Sites
  • … The possibilities are endless!


* Version 2.0 - Uploaded 8/14/2013
- Added Share button support to lockers and post locker
- Added button cover support
- CSS updates
- Facebook API Updates
- Tracking updates
- Dash widget and reporting updated with Share support
- Many little bug fixes and improvements
- New settings panel


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