Facebook Image Grabber

Facebook Image Grabber


This WordPress plugin pulls an image from Facebook Pages and adds them as a new post on your WordPress blog. Why is this great for traffic? While using our plugin what you can do is setup the plugin to post as a draft. When it pulls the most recent images from any Facebook Page you add as a source, you can change the title and add a description to the image that it pulled. We have tested this on multiple sites and we gained massive amounts of traffic from Google. We were showing up on first page result for certain targeted keywords.

Template does not come with the plugin, we will be selling a template on a later date.

Video Demo: YouTube


  • Pull Facebook Pages Recent Posted Images – It will grab the image from recent posts on a Facebook page and grab the text.
  • Completely Automatic – You can set this up so it pulls an image every hour or every 24 hours!
  • WordPress Admin Options – New posts can go into as a Draft, Pending, or Published.
  • Set the Date of The Post – You can set the date of the post by when it was posted on Facebook or the current date it pulled from.
  • Link the Source – You can create backlinks for where you pulled the Facebook Image from.
  • Assign Post to a Category – You can assign the new posts to a certain category to WordPress.
  • Set the Author – You can set the author so all new images can be posted by a certain Author on WordPress.
  • Updates – Current Version 1.1

    • Fixed various bugs.
    • Solved php error some users received in admin panel due to server restrictions.
    • Source now opens in a new window.
    • Grab Facebook Images – Store locally, coming on version 1.2.


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