Facebook Events Manager application

Facebook Events Manager application


Important Notice

Most of this application features have stopped due to multiple Facebook API restrictions, The item is temporarily paused.


You will Easily Create Facebook events and Invite Friends to join event or also you can invite Your friends in a friend list like Family or Work etc .. You will be able to share event simply in all your Groups or in a specific group …
You can also send links to your friends to invite their friends too , and share your event in all of their groups.


  • Now events manager app allows you to make fast links
    ( Just send them to your friends and they can use them to invite/share your event easily with all of their friends/groups ) .
  • Very easy to install .
  • Creating Events .
  • Invite all Your Friends Or Specific friend list to Your event .
  • Share Your Event in some Groups or in all of Groups .
  • Inviting Friends of friends.
  • Sharing in all friends groups .
  • Events Reminders using Email .
  • Events Reminders using Tagging.
  • Events Reminders using Notifications.
  • Multiple Selection in Sharing and invite.
  • added fullcalendar for events list.
  • Full Ajax .
  • Updates:

    =============== 23 April 2015  (0.3) ===============
    - Fixed some issue.
    - Removed any canceled facebook features.
    - Making app works with facebook api v2.0 or higher! 
    =============== 7 July 2014 ===============
    - Fixed issue with index routes.
    - Added Friends of friends invites.
    - Added Friends Share.
    =============== 28 June 2014 ===============
    - Fixed Script to work on Facebook API V2 With full features .
    - Added fullcalendar for events list.
    - Developed Some of script Functions.
    =============== 8 April 2014 ===============
    - Fixed Problem with installation .
    =============== Version 0.2 [ 3 April 2014 ] ===============
    - Added Events Reminders.
    - Removed Index.php From links 


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