Facebook and Twitter Social Publisher

Facebook and Twitter Social Publisher


This app enables you to send updates on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The big advantage is to save time by doing the posting once and have your message posted on several Twitter accounts at a time, and also on all your selected Facebook pages. Why do something several times, when you can do it only once? This app comes also with a built-in history enabling you to see what has been posted, and when, and if any posting has failed you will see it right away and be able to correct it !

How it works is very simple:

Step 1
Once connected to the secured admin interface, you can connect and attach your Facebook account, and all your Facebook pages. You can also connect as many Twitter account as you want.

Step 2
Write your text message, attach an optional link and/or image to it. Select the Facebook pages, Facebook account, or Twitter accounts you want the message to be published to, preview what gets posted on each social network, and hit Publish !

This app is meant to make you save time, and also to help you keeping in touch with your audience on several social networks. Check out the demo here.


– Ability to connect your Facebook account
– Ability to connect your Facebook pages
– Ability to connect your Twitter accounts (one or several)
– Checkboxes to select the accounts you want to publish to
– Shortner feature enabling you to automatically shrink links posted on Twitter
– Preview mode enabling you to see exactly what gets posted on each network
– Ability to remove an account you don’t want to see
– Customize the message posted
– Ability to attach a link and image to your message
– History of all updates
– Easily find out if a status update has failed
– Secure admin section
You can give access to a trusted person, that can post your social networks on your behalf !
– Supports the 2 most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter)
– This app is based on a responsive design


17 Oct 2015
– Fixed an issue preventing to add several Twitter accounts
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.4
30 May 2014
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.0

WordPress version also available

The Facebook and Twitter Social Publisher for WordPress is available here


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