Event Subscription Handler

Event Subscription Handler


The Basics

This package provides a subscripting mechanism to use in you application. Using the Event class you can listen to and fire events.

Of course there are many event handling classes out there, but this one provides a wide field of features. Checkout the screenshots or the list below:

  • Listen to Events
  • Fire an Event
  • Catch Repsonses
  • Forget an Event
  • Handle Events With a Class
  • Specify Method
  • Set Overseers
  • Set Queues
  • Flush Queues
  • Set Priority
  • Execude Only Once

Who is it for?

Events are very useful for frameworks or big projects. You could trigger events in pre made classes. For example when a user is created or logged in. The developer who uses the framework can now hook into your code and add logic. It is easy, fast and still very clean.

Obviously curiosity is very important for software engineers, so if you are curious as to how it works, go ahead an check it out. I’m positive you are going to learn a thing or two.

Author’s Notes

I was always interested in building a events or hooks package in php. It’s really useful, especially for frameworks or bigger projects.

The API of a project is very important. For this one I implemented a astonishing facade pattern. It let’s you call static methods on a none static class. The class is still testable and beautiful. I really think you are going to like this.


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