EPI CoreUI Template for PHPMaker 2018

EPI CoreUI Template for PHPMaker 2018


EPI CoreUI Template for PHPMaker 2018 is a full replacement custom template for PHPMaker 2018. Leveraging the power of Bootstrap 4 and the interface enhancements of CoreUI, this is our most ambitious template yet!

This is a dynamic, living template that will be updated as CoreUI is updated, and Bootstrap 4 moves to final release. There are currently several overrides in the template that aim to fix issues in the original libraries. As they get updated, so does this template.

We are actively developing it and will be expanding it even more over the coming months. Thank you for the feedback, as always!

Changelog (using our included Timeline functions) here!


  • New: Fix button dropdown for short tables
  • New: Use Perfect Scrollbar for fixed nav
  • additional parameter for using events table other than pd_events
  • updated tabs on Master/Detail pages
  • updated search panel setting, updated advanced search layout, added highlight now to css
  • Updated View page
  • Multi Level Dropdowns
  • CoreUI preview extension
  • updated icons for all included languages
  • Maintenance Mode detection
  • Master/Detail improvements
  • Blur background for modals
  • Updated popovers and icons for Master/Detail
  • Sample PHPMaker 2018 and SQL files
  • For a limited time, we are including a new DateTimePicker compatible with Bootstrap 4
  • META tag functions with automatic embedding and tags input
  • Events Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Timeline
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Bootstrap 4 Carousel
  • Enhanced User Privileges page with switches and tooltips for clear, fast editing
  • Flex layout responsive design
  • Toggle persistent fixed footer, header, menus on the fly
  • Tons of custom PHP utility functions
  • Avatars
  • Notifications Menu
  • Tasks Menu
  • Messages Menu
  • Clean pages for Login, Register, Forgot Password
  • Animated Switches for RADIO and CHECKBOX form elements
  • Code Repository additions
  • Countless interface and layout improvements
  • Based on CoreUI 1.0.9 and Bootstrap 4.0.0

Check out the video preview for a sneak peek at some of the features!


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