EditrWP WordPress Plugin

EditrWP WordPress Plugin



EditrWP is a WordPress Pllugin facilitating creation of Editr based embeds. It allows you to upload html, css, js files and create playground where users can view and change(optional) your code. It’s similiar to CodePen or JSFiddle but you host your files and you can style Editr however you want.

As of 25th December 2015 we’ll no longer offer support for the new customers as well as update the plugin. This is due to lack of interest in the plugin and lack of people interested in its further development. This may be a subject to a change.




  • GUI uploader
  • shortcode creator
  • file manager
  • coffee and less parsers
  • multiple Editr themes and views
  • multiple Editr instances on one page
  • setting defaults for generic Editr project

EditrWP doesn’t support GitHub Gists!


Are user changes saved (permanent)?

No they aren’t – each change is lost upon page reload. We’re currently working on the save and forking feature.

What files are supported?

html, css, less, js, coffeescript


The Editr plugin doesn’t display at all. What should I do?

Please make sure that EditrWP resides within editr-wp directory, it might happend that after extracing the .zip files from CodeCanyon the file would land in a different dir, causing the files not to load.

The Editr plugin doesn’t display correctly?

Depending on the CSS rules of your current theme a situation may occur that the display will be artifacted. The simplest solution is to add more specific CSS rules targeting certain elements (nested ul or a header).


  • Editr – http://lab.idered.pl/editr
  • jQuery- http://jquery.com
  • ACE- http://ace.c9.io


Version 1.0, 2013-12-11

- initial release


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