Editable Ajax Data Grid With Multiple Color

Editable Ajax Data Grid With Multiple Color


Based on one of our best selling products “Ajax Data Grid With Multiple Color”, the data edit
function is finally here!
Demo login: admin/admin

Features in the latest version 2.2 includes:

  • Javascript function powered by jQuery
  • Using ajax technology to load data
  • Sortable column
  • Specific column to search
  • Adjustable data row per page
  • Ajax pagination
  • Multiple theme color (silver,green,blue,red)

New features:

  • Login system – Allow admin to login and modify data.
  • Inline editing – Use jQuery editable function to perform an inline edit and save data using
  • Flexible data type – Support image data (url of your uploaded image or an external image url),
    link, date, text, and customizable display (e.g if a “status” field is set as 0, display error.jpg,
    if it’s 1, display ok.jpg)
  • Image library – Allow admin to upload an image to a folder and save the path into a database
    field, or type in an image URL and save into a database field. The image will then be displayed in
    data grid.
    Admin can also search for an image and reference the previously uploaded image for
    new data.
  • Photo resizing – Support photo resizing when upload image.
  • Useful example included – Four samples are included in this package (Photo Manager, Product,
    Website Reference, Complex), just plug it in and use!

Create a manageable data grid as you want. Ideal for Photo Management, User management, Product
management, Project management, Personal portfolio, Album, etc.
Multiple color frontend and full function backend
The project is aimed to provide a backend for admin to manage data, and a customizable frontend to
present data with sorting, paging and searching fuction.
All actions are done using ajax, which means fast performance and less traffic!

[v2.2 update] 2011-08-11
Added remove image button for image field
Fixed a few minor bugs

Known issues

May not work well on table joining

For those who has purchased the 2.0 version:

There was an issue which we tried to remove our 2.1 update from the upload queue (coz a file was missing in the new update folder and we wanted to remove it from the queue and upload again) and when we click the remove button the whole editable item got deleted, instead of removing from the queue. We were 100% sure we did not click the “Delete PERMANENTLY”

We were trying hard to have Code Canyon restores it back for us but had no luck and they suggested us to upload it and sell it as a fresh new item.

We have also asked Code Canyon if they can let customer to download this new product, and if they can’t then we will send the updates to our customer by E-mail.

If you have purchased the editable product, please send us a message (which should have a link that we can verify if you are our customer) and once we verified you are our customer then we will E-mail the updates to you.

Thank you


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