Edit Database Field PRO (Ajax + PHP)

Edit Database Field PRO (Ajax + PHP)


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Edit Database Field PRO is a web script which help you to display the field you want from database and you can edit it with Ajax ( without reloading page ).The Field can be edit in different types : text , textarea, select , radio button, date , slider, colorpicker, switch on/off button, google map location box, video player autogenerate from youtube links, image upload, file upload, change password (md5), html editor.Also you can add to the editable field filters ( is email , is url and others ).

Very Easy to Use

You don’t need know PHP language. You can generate directly code with our CodeGenerator.


  • You can search field in MySQL database and:
    • display it on different ways:
      • simple text
      • color box
      • on/off status button
      • google map box – autogenerated from location that you want
      • video player – autogenerated from video link ( youtube.com,vimeo.com, dailymotion.com, metacafe.com and 2 adult websites: redtube.com, xvideos.com )
      • html
      • image
      • file link
    • Real-time edit ( without reloading page ) it on different ways:
      • in text input box
      • in textarea box
      • in dropdown select box
      • with radio buttons
      • with checkbox
      • select date box
      • in slider
      • in colorpicker box
      • with switch on/off button
      • in google map box – autogenerated from location that you want
      • password change box (md5)
      • in html editor
      • file upload box
      • image upload box
  • with a lot of customizable options:
    • MySQL database configuration
    • error message configuration in case: if field does not exist
    • possibility to add Class for displayed field
    • save button text configuration
    • for slider you can customize also: minimum, maximum and step value
    • for google map box you can customize also: width, height and zoom
    • you can customize tooltip text message and position
    • you can add validation filters: unique, required, email, url, phone, alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, date
    • you can customize errors messages for filters
    • you can allow/deny videos from adult website

CSS Templates

Now you can create your own CSS template and integrate it very easy. ( in templates folder ) or you can use our CSS templates : Standard or Black & Yellow


Now you can use for multi language projects .You just need to translate languages files. ( from languages folder )

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Plugins for EDFP

  • Form Generator with Payment system (not included in EDFP library, you must buy it)

JS HOOKS ( for webdevelopers )

We’ve added 2 javascript hooks ( js_wdhedfp_onchange and js_wdhedfp_after_save). Now you can add your own javascript code after value changed or saved. For example if you want after value from colorpicker changed to put this color in your preview box you can use js_wdhedfp_onchange hook.

Online FREE Support

If you have any problem or you don’t know how to do something please just go to: http://support.wdh.im and tell us your problem.


2.5 (2014-18-05)

      * Plugins Allowed : Now you can use EDFP plugins.
      * Speed UP
      * Tooltip added ...
      * Possibility to add distinct label and value in checkbox , select , radio : 
        label [email protected]@value 1||label [email protected]@value 2
      * sample3 added
      * JSON one level Value: for example you can use for this: {"id":5,"name":"Test"} 
        but not for this: {"0":{"id":5,"name":"Test"},"1":{"id":6,"name":"Test 2"}}

2.4 (2014-21-03)

      * disable reloading page action from enter button 
      * image & file upload text added in languages
      * xamp problem fixed ( config.php is renamed to: edfp-config.php )
      * wdhHeadAutoInit function added ( autogenerate css & and js links
        for head section )
      * sample2 added
      * sample fixed

2.3 (2014-01-03)

      * CSS Templates: Black & Yellow template added
      * Sample files added ( sample files, database and instructions )
      * html_editor bug fixed
      * is_unique bug fixed
      * Config bugs fixed ( auto add & WDH_WEBSITE_URL )
      * Session bugs fixed

2.2 (2014-01-02)

      * JS HOOKS : You can add javascript code after the value is changed or saved.
      * Auto ADD Field : If don't find a field you can set auto_add true and the field
        will be created with values from conditions
      * CSS Templating : You can create your own css template and integrate here very 
      * Multilanguage

2.1 (2014-28-01)

      * Autogenerate Video from 3 new video websites : Vimeo.com, DailyMotion.com, 
      * Autogenerate Video from 2 adult video websites : Redtube.com and Xvideos.com
      * Filter is_adult_video ( set true if allow video from adult websites : redtube
        or xvideos.com )

2.0 (2014-17-01)

      * Edit type : file upload added
      * Edit type : image ( image autoresize & upload ) added
      * Edit type : html_editor ( WSYG HTML EDITOR ) added
      * Edit type : password ( for changing password live ) added
      * Display type : file url added
      * Display type : image added
      * Display type : password added
      * Display type : html added
      * Filter is_unique ( checking if is unique value from table x )
      * SAFE TAGS added ( preventing XSS attacks )
      * Video size bug fixed

1.02 (2013-22-12)

        * Encrypt Database Login Details

1.01 (2013-17-12)

        * check boxes bug fix
        * video bug fix

1.0 (2013-16-12)

        * Initial release.


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