Easy Website Change Request Plugin

Easy Website Change Request Plugin


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This plugin is extremely useful to all Web Developers and Designers!

Aug 2013 Update: Version 1.4 - WordPress 3.6 Support Added

How this WordPress plugin works:

It allows your customer to easily request “changes” or “alterations” to their WordPress site. The customer requests the change by placing a sticky note ontop of the website where they would like the change to appear. Once the customer requests a change, you get sent an email and the change appears in the WordPress dashboard.

This plugin is useful if you have customers who cannot operate the WordPress editor, or need to change things outside of their control.

You can also limit the number of changes the customers can make per month. If they run over their “change request” limit, you can lift the limit and charge them more for their monthly support package.

It’s best to view the screencasts below or try out the online wordpress change request plugin demo to see how it works. Click the “start tour” button on the right when viewing the demo and follow the prompts.


  • Allow the customer to request changes on their website
  • Click on the area to add a sticky note to the page with details of the change
  • Automatically email the website administrator when a change is requested
  • Upload attachments to support a change request (eg: new image / word doc)
  • Email the customer when a change is marked as completed
  • Limit the customer to the number of changes they are allowed to request per month
  • Delete and edit change requests
  • Easy 3 step wizard for the customer
  • Ability to style the email templates with your own branding
  • WordPress 3.1.2 support

At the moment only logged in users can see and make post it notes. If you log out the sticky notes will go away.

The administrator can see all post-it notes. A user account can only see the post-it notes that they have created. So if there were multiple user accounts on the blog, each would have their own monthly limit, and each would only see their own post it notes.

If sales go well I plan on putting more options into the plugin to control who can see/make changes based on the role etc..


  • WordPress 3.1+
  • PHP5
  • Ability to install plugins in WordPress
  • JavaScript enabled

Video: How to install this WordPress post-it note Plugin

Easy Website Change Request Plugin - 1

Video: How a customer requests a change to their website

Easy Website Change Request Plugin - 2

Video: How the admin (you) handle customer change requests

Easy Website Change Request Plugin - 3

How to use this plugin

I would recommend charging your customers a monthly fee (if you don’t already) and allocate them a set number of changes per month. If they use up all their allocated changes they can pay for more or you can bump them up to a higher monthly support package.


I would appreciate if buyers follow the license terms and purchase a standard license for each website they use this plugin for. This will help me provide ongoing support and updates.

If you are feeling nice and you love this plugin (or make a lot of money from your customers from this plugin) then please feel free to purchase additional licenses as a sign of support.

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