Easy Chat PHP Live Support

Easy Chat PHP Live Support


Easy Chat is a powerful, yet simple PHP chat system that requires NO DATABASE and near zero configuration.

Perfect for business owners with numerous websites that want a simple “take on the road” chat system to keep your web users happy with live support. Compatible with ALL PHP based websites (WordPress, Joomla, etc)

In a nutshell:

  • Talk to your web site visitors from your smart phone, or computer. Mimics iPhone push for all smart phones so you are kept updated!
  • “Live chat Online” button automatically appears on your website when you access the admin section and automatically disappears when you close your browser window – no annoying “support not available” messages for your visitors!
  • Incredibly fast. No reliance on external libraries (no jQuery etc).
  • Runs on ALL popular (and non-popular) web browsers and smart phones! (Even IE6!)
  • All live customer chat windows visible from one location.
  • Easily “kill” chats if desired. User receives a clean “The chat session has ended” message and cannot type further.
  • All chat windows on your admin screen timeout at your specified interval to auto remove idle chats cluttering up your space.
  • Crisp Sounds ensures you know exactly when you receive a new message / new chat user, so you don’t have to be actively looking at your admin page. Same for chats that timeout or the user closes.
  • Chat windows flash/blink when new messages arrive if you aren’t actively engaged in that window so you can easily spot new messages.
  • When you can’t chat anymore, rest assured no one will see your live chat button – just close your admin page and the live chat button will vanish from your public site.
  • Expert software engineer behind it with 10+ years experience – codes PHP for a living.
  • Prompt and FREE updates!

Installation is EASY

1. Upload files via FTP

2. Add a line of javascript code to your website somewhere (wordpress or any other site).

YOU ARE DONE. Now users can chat to you live! Just sign in to your admin section.

Hands-down THE easiest, most compatible, sleekest PHP live chat support software on the market – I built it for myself and it’s worked out so well I’ve made it available to the public. Any features I need – you get too.

Your search is over. Configure once and upload this chat system to your websites you need live chat on and literally be chatting live in minutes (you can use one install for multiple websites too!)


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