Download Counter for WordPress

Download Counter for WordPress



Download Counter is a WordPress plugin that tracks how many times a URL, or download, has been opened. This download can be anything, from a link to a file, to a page on a different website. Using one of the available shortcodes, place the download on your website and the plugin will track how many people have opened the link. The data will be displayed in a table where you’ll see when it was last opened, when it was added and how much times it was opened. You can easily edit the data or add/remove more downloads as well as change some options. All downloads are logged, if this option is enabled, and you can view the log by going to the “Download Log” page or by opening the log file.

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  • Download URL Shortcode: Outputs the URL to a download which can be placed within another shortcode or anywhere else.
  • Download Link Shortcode: Outputs an anchor tag to the downloads, with the appropriate title and text fetched from the admin panel or attributes of the shortcode.
  • Download Num Shortcode: Outputs the number of downloads for a specific download, so you can show your users how many times a file has been downloaded.
  • Manage Downloads: Easily manage your downloads using the download manager page in the admin panel. You can set/reset the number of downloads at any time. In addition, downloads will automatically be added by the shortcode.
  • Settings: There is a bunch of settings for the plugin you can change: thousand separator, enable counting twice, allow downloading twice, show download & added time, enable download log, encrypt download links, encrypt download links salt. These are all fully explained in the documentation.
  • Download Log: Easily see a complete overview of when what by which IP was downloaded.
  • Integrated Twitter & Facebook buttons.


  • PHP 5+
  • WordPress 3+


1.2.0 (Apr 4 2013)
* Fixed WordPress 3.5.1 bug.

1.1.0 (Jul 15 2012)
* Fixed bug in the admin where deleting a download caused errors
* Fixed bug in the admin where buttons wouldn't work when a tab was loaded

1.0.0 (Jul 14 2012)
* First version


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