Diamond FlipBook -flash&pluginWordPress

Diamond FlipBook -flash&pluginWordPress


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– based on flash
– shorcode – see FAQ (easy to add to any place of your theme)
– you can add swf, png or swf files (swf file can be attached video)
– you can add a double page
– you can print pages
– you can add logo and logo redirect
– you can attach a file to download (zip )
– you can change the background
– you can add description on home page
– you can change all colors
– you can add title for page
– you can hide/show shadow for page
– you can hide/show page number
– you can enable/disabled smoothing for page
– you can enable full screen at any time
– unlimited number of FlipBook

Video tutorials:

Installing plugin flipbook v5 – CLICK ME

Management FlipBook Plugin – CLICK ME

Update 17.II.2015

  • improve the operations checkbox “Load All Pages”

Update 10.XII.2013

  • change the name FlipBook to the shorter

Update 9.XII.2013

  • optimization – reducing the number of queries to the database
  • attach scripts only on pages where is displayed flipbook

Update 18.XI.2013

  • Flipbook is now compatible with the latest version of WordPress – 3.7.1

Update 14.XI.2013

  • Fixed upload swf ( upload swf not work properly with the latest WordPress version )

Update 29.X.2013

  • Added zoom setting in admin panel

Update 21.VII.2013

  • Fixed bug (could not add photos in the post or page )

Update 15.VI.2013

  • multibook – you can add a few books ( first icon )
  • you can add images from Media Library
  • Load All Pages ( you need to turn off if is a lot of pages in book )

Update 1.II.2013

  • I added a function – “reverse flip book for the eastern countries (right to left)”

Update 12.I.2013

Management is now easier and more intuitive – see new video tutorials.

  • Now set the order of the pages using drag and drop
  • I added another METABOX in the admin panel (the attributes for the page)
  • When you create a new Book – all fields configuration are automatically filled (fields are not empty)
  • Fixed bugs in the admin panel and improved its functionality

Update 20.XII.2012

  • Now the plugin will work correctly in WordPress 3.5
    ( in WordPress 3.5 does not have the “Upload / Insert”. This button has been added below – in Metabox )

Update 14.XII.2012

  • Bug fixes – session ( this bug has performed in selected buyers – then the plugin did not work )
    Changed only one file “folder_plugin / flash / xml / configuration_book.php”


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