CRUD Gen is a server side application. It automatically creates a CRUD[Create,Read,Update,Delete] grid table for any database table you specify.

It is very useful if you are creating a back-end admin panel for your system. And you can also use it to give your client an editable table without revealing your DB connection info.

It is highly customizable, which means, you can control table’s titles, specify which column to show and hide, limit sortable columns, control CRUD operations.

CRUD Gen is built with jQuery UI CSS framework, which means you can download any UI theme from jQuery UI and apply to your data grid.


  • version 1.2.1:
    1. Upgrade to use PDO for database handling.
  • version 1.2:
    1. Ajax live search.
    2. Cleaner code in grid_controller.php and crud.js. Speed is improved.
    3. Refresh button to reload data grid.
    4. Updated manual file.
  • version 1.1:
    1. Updated manual on how to hide a column, how to change primary key.


  1. Currently it supports MySql only
  2. Primary key on your database table(default is “id”,but you can change it to anything).
  3. Single instance per page currently.


  1. Auto CRUD operations
  2. Auto Sortable columns
  3. Auto Pagination
  4. Disable/enable CRUD operations
  5. Disable/enable sortable column
  6. Hide column
  7. Customizable number of records per page
  8. Customizable width of the front table
  9. jQuery UI CSS Framework

Manual file is included in download file.


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