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CRM Client Encryption


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Password and other Data Encryption

This plugin lets you encrypt sensitive data in UCM so it is safe from prying eyes (eg: hackers or disgruntled staff members). Perfect for keeping customers FTP/cPanel details encrypted.

This plugin uses a “master password” to unlock any data. Technical detail: Encryption and decryption is handled “client side” in JavaScript. Your master password never goes to the UCM system. This is a very secure feature.

See the screenshots for a step by step guide on how to encrypt and decrypt information with the UCM system.

UCM Data Encryption Features

  • Ability to encrypt any extra field within the system (extra fields are those ones you can create yourself from the “more fields ยป” button)
  • Create multiple encryption vaults with different master passwords. If one master password is discovered this will limit their data access. Or you could have all FTP details encrypted with one password, and all cPanel details encrypted with another password. Up to you!
  • If you forget the password there is absolutely no way to decrypt the information. Not even by me, the developer. This is industry standard RSA and AES cryptography, serious stuff!
  • Keep a history of who access what information, when they access it, and from what IP address (are staff members looking at details from home?).
  • You can encrypt data without typing in the master password, but to decrypt it you need the master password. (This is the public / private key cryptography at work).
  • Technical Jumbo: Javascript RSA library is used to generate a 1024 bit public and private key set on the client side. The private key is encrypted using AES with the master password. The encrypted private key and the public key are then sent to the UCM system and stored in the mysql database. To decrypt something the secure private key is sent to the browser, then in javascript it is decrypted with AES using the same master password. If the private key is decrypted successfully in JavaScript then it can be used to decrypt our information which is then shown on the screen. Phew!

How to install

  1. Download and install the Ultimate Client Manager on your website
  2. Purchase this plugin
  3. Find your licence code for this plugin (click here for instructions)
  4. Go to Settings > Upgrade in your system
  5. Click the + button to add the additional licence code
  6. Enter your licence code for this plugin
  7. Click the upgrade button
  8. This will install the latest version of the plugin for you, and keep it updated in the future.


  • Working UCM install
  • Linux hosting account
  • Check the upgrade system works on the hosting account (in Settings > Upgrade)

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