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Create Photography Portfolio Website – Mermaid


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Mermaid is a CMS which can create your creative or photography portfolio website within 5 minutes! It is equipped with latest and most efficient technologies available today which enables it to help you in, first, setting up your portfolio website, and second, managing it pretty much effortlessly.

It is built with 4 basic pillars in mind:

  1. Speed: A lot of emphasis was given to speed to make sure that Mermaid performs the best it can.
  2. Reliability: We are dedicated to making sure that you won’t need anything else once you installed Mermaid for your online portfolio website.
  3. Security: Peace of mind comes with a secure environment, right? That’s why we make sure that Mermaid adheres to highest of security standards, because we are selling you peace of mind, not a cms.
  4. Precision: A good user interface and a good design is absolutely necessary for any CMS. That’s what we believe in and we work on these lines for Mermaid too. After all, your photography portfolio should be beautiful.

Mermaid is for Creatives like Graphic Designers, Models, Web Designers, Photographers and others. It is focused mainly for Photographers but it can very well be used by other Creative Professionals.

Mermaid gives you tools to upload and manage images and videos or youtube videos and have a blog with it too. It also comes with 5 variants of homescreens so you get what you want. Read on to know exactly what you are getting.

Key Features

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Create Photography Portfolio Website - Mermaid - 2
Create Photography Portfolio Website - Mermaid - 3


  • Upload Images in Bulk
  • Sort images into albums
  • Blogging facility
  • Bulk edit of posts
  • Video or Youtube Support
  • Manage videos and images
  • Control the images displayed on homepage
  • Manage contact details
  • Multiple Admin account support
  • Manage Themes
  • Control on login credentials
  • Manage your profile
  • Social Sharing links
  • Disqus Comments
  • Views counters
  • Likes system
  • Subscription System.
  • Option to have albums,journal and videos page
  • A systematic walk through for initial setup
  • Google reCaptcha for additional security.
  • Watermarking options.
  • User friendly interface
  • And more…


Check this page out for more details on demo:


Version 1.6:
-Well, there are a lot, and I seriously mean a lot of backend changes, focussed on the UI. So now there is a sticky sidebar staring at you on larger screens so as to reduce your time in reaching pages you want to.
-Some aesthetic changes to the side navigation bar.
-Themes page have been changed. Now it is integrated with our website and will show available themes for download.
-Because of the above, the package now ships with just one theme.
-Layouts of pages for adding blog posts, adding videos, website settings and some other ones have been altered for a more intuitive, more aesthetic feel.
-Markdown support added to the script. This means an amazing new blogging experience. This was much needed I suppose.
-Added SimpleMDE for rich text editting in blogging areas.
-Markdown support on almost all text fields.
-Improvement to editting interface. Now a whole page dedicated to editting posts is there.
-Integrated dashboard with Now recieve updates about new blogposts concerning Mermaid directly on your panel.
-Automatic updates system added. Now mermaid will check and automatically update to minor upgrades everytime you open dashboard.
-Performance improvements behind the scenes.
-Improvement in the widgets system behind the scenes. A lot on this will come in the next version. It was experimental currently.
-Themes have been optimised. And shortened.
-Galleries now have a sorting feature. Another necessity which I had missed earlier.
-Small changes to improve user interface nit mentioned here.
-Improvements on how themes can interact with the admin.
-Small improvements in the backend for optimisation and future projects.

Version 1.3:
-Fixed a few bugs
-Added more themes
-Added more settings
-Cleaned up the interface a little

Version 1.0:
-Initial Release


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