Cool comments ajax system

Cool comments ajax system


Ajax Cool coments is a system to add comments very easily to any site or web page. It has been designed thinking 100% in the end user the installation process and its subsequent use are extremely simple. Cool coments its a simple and effective system for manage comments in one or more sites in the most pleasant way possible.

Email: [email protected] | Pass: demo

Cool comments ajax system - 1


  • Adding comments with ajax
  • Ajax pagination
  • Reply comments
  • Facebook singing
  • reCAPTCHA by Google
  • Bad words filter
  • Gravatar avatar support
  • Admin and comments responsive
  • Captcha security check
  • Unlimited comments & containers
  • Custom colors and icons
  • Simple user system
  • Multi language
  • Poedit translations
  • Automatically resizing textarea for improved usability
  • Input elements text placeholders for better usability
  • Admin Dashboard
  • In admin Cool datatables with order and filtrers
  • Bootstrap framework in comments tree and admin
  • Users table
  • Deleting comments
  • Banning user
  • Email notifications
  • Easy customize
  • Custom CSS
  • Sending email with PHPMailer
  • Password encryption with phpass

What is included?

  • Installer
  • Admin system responsive and customize
  • Comment tree responsive and customize
  • Documentation


  • This script needs at least PHP 5.3 to work well
  • Javascript active in browser

Features to come

  • Login With Twitter 
  • Login With G+


Our plugins are made in Spain by a Spanish engineer and design professionals. You will get direct support from the guy who wrote the plugin.

Support includes:

  1. Responding to questions or problems regarding your item and its features
  2. Fixing bugs and reported issues
  3. Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

Support does not include:

  1. Customization and installation services
  2. Support for third party software and plug-ins

Could not find an answer to your question? Please consider reading the documentation first. Thanks!


Version 2.1

  • Bug fixed color css
  • Bug fixed login

Version 2.05

  • Bug fixed in reply comment
  • Bug fixed in timezone
  • Bug fixed in insert comment
  • Checked for the user image

Version 2.0

  • New admin design
  • reCAPTCHA by Google
  • Poedit translations
  • Bad words
  • New templates mail

Version 1.07.01

  • PHPMailer to send mails
  • phpass to encrypt password
  • Fixed a translations
  • Fixed a recovery password

Version 1.06.26

  • Fixed a encode password Blowfish for PHP > 5.3
  • Fixed a button css
  • Fixed a translations
  • Fixed a recovery password

Version 1.06.25

  • Fixed a encode password

Version 1.06

  • Fixed a login
  • Fixed a recovery pass
  • Fixed a button css


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