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Attach contentboxes to pages, posts or any other post types

With this plugin you can easily attach contentboxes to your pages, posts or any other post types.
Display them with the help of the Contentboxes PRO Widget or simply add the template tag `the_contentboxes()`.

You can reuse them on any other post object. Categorize them or add a description to find them easier again.

Use different layouts ( post_formats ) for each contentbox.
If you need more then one contentbox area simply add as much as you want.

It’s like a text widget on steroids!


  • Upload contentbox-pro to the /wp-content/plugins directory
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  • Place <?php the_contentboxes() ?> in your templates or use the Contentboxes PRO Widget

Auto update feature

  • Go to plugin settings page
  • Click the license key tab
  • Enter your Envato license key
  • Get regular plugin updates right in your WordPress installation


  1. Contentbox form
  2. Contentbox metabox
  3. Select a contentbox
  4. Contentbox widget
  5. Contentbox widget settings
  6. Contentbox options
  7. Output in the frontend

Coming Soon

  • Contentboxes for terms
  • Contentboxes PRO website with faq and tutorials



  • Added: New Contentboxes PRO icon
  • Bugfix: Widget advanced options now in WordPress style
  • Bugfix: Fixed typo in readme.txt
  • Bugfix: Removed php notice message on `Register Contentbox Area` screen


  • Added: License key menu
  • Added: Autoupdate feature
  • Added: Settings link in plugin overview
  • Added: Widget advanced option `Post ID` – props Pixelithe
  • Added: Widget settings tooltips
  • Bugfix: Added showposts argument in Contentbox queries – props Pixelithe


  • Bugfix: WordPress SEO by yoast compatibility fix – props jtorres_mora


  • Bugfix: Sort order was ignored due a bugfix in version 1.0.1


  • Bugfix: Catched a php warning – props jtorres_mora


  • Bugfix: Contentbox loop could alter other loops on the page – props Saltman


  • Initial release


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