Confodio Security Audit

Confodio Security Audit



  • Perform security audit with just 1 click!
  • Test your system against 27 scientifically proven most dangerous WordPress vulnerabilities
  • Save time and money – unlimited audits for 14$
  • All tests contain form to solve the problem, or a tip how to fix if it is outside range of WordPress
  • Change database prefix
  • Bulk fix most important file permissions
  • Change username and security keys
  • Secure most important files with .htaccess
  • Access tools right from top bar

Control PHP with a slider

  • Maximum size of an uploaded file
  • Maximum page load size
  • Maximum number of simultaneously uploaded files
  • Maximum input parsing time
  • Maximum script parsing time
  • RAM allocated to WordPress


  • Create file and/or database backup
  • Compress with zip or experiment formats
  • Email backups to yourself
  • Scheduled backups

In next version

  • Enable debugging functionality
  • Bug fix: PHP settings not updated on some environments
  • Got suggestions? Feel free to comment.


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