Comments with Images

Comments with Images


Comment with images is a highly customisable WordPress plugin that allows your users to do exactly as the name suggests, Comment with Images. Comment with Images was built with one thing in mind, a feature rich plugin that’s very user friendly. I want everything to be as simple as possible for you, and I feel(a long with many others) I’ve done exactly that.

Highly Customisable
Comment with Images allows you to easily move the upload form, and the instructions with just a click of a button. You can also change the instructions, CSS, and html output without any manual editing.

Editable restrictions based on if the user is logged in or not.
You don’t want guests to be able to upload gifs? Easy. You don’t want users to upload large images? Even easier. You don’t guests to be able to upload images at all? Incredibly easy. I didn’t want to limit you by what I thought would be good for the settings.

New: Multiple image upload support
Comments with Images allows you to optionally allow your users to upload multiple images with their comments. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary comments and will overall, look neater. This feature also allows you to restrict based on the status of the user(logged in, or not etc).

Optionally rename uploaded images
Comment with Images has built in renaming support that will automatically rename images upon successful upload. You can set it to prefix the image(sitename-exampleimage.jpg), randomly rename the image(bd3db.jpg), or do nothing. Comment with Images will also detect if an image with the same name already exists, and rename accordingly.

Actually Secure
Unlike other “scripts” out there, Comment with Images was made with strong security in mind. Not only that, but the plugin is constantly updated to protect against possible future threats. To be blunt, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Thumbnail Creation
Comment with Images can cut down on page load by automatically creating thumbnails. Alternatively, Comment with Image can resize “on-the-fly” to make sure uploaded images don’t break your layout.

Blacklist users / IP addresses
Is user A always uploading off topic images? Well, add them to the blacklist. Is user B uploading adult images on your family friendly blog? Add them to the blacklist. The blacklist allows you to easily block those that violate your terms of service. Supports blocking usernames, and / or IP addresses.

Incredibly easy to install *
Comment with Images was built with one thing in mind, simplicity. I didn’t want you to have to spend an hour manually editing files just to make our plugin work. Just install it like any other good WordPress plugin, and you’re good to go.

Free Life Time Updates, and Super Simple Update Notification
Unlike some authors, I won’t be releasing updates that you’ll have to pay for. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t be releasing updates, quite the contrary actually as regularly release updates to my plugins. All of my plugins also have built in update notifications so you’ll know that there’s an update available to a plugin within hours.

* Only applies to themes that adhere to WordPress standards.

Change log

Version 1.1.8 August 25th 2015

  • Fixed image orientation issues. Thumbnails will auto rotate depending on EXIF orientation, and source files can be rotated if source_rotate (found in the advanced tab) is enabled.

You can view the full change log here.


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