Comment Anything — Facebook Style

Comment Anything — Facebook Style


This small but very powerful script allows any novice webmaster to add a facebook-like commenting feature to pretty much anything on the website. Apart from technical excellence and blistering speed it features almost complete customization. Blend it easily into any existing website in minutes.

Key Features

  • Ajax Based Comment Anything, no page reloads whatsoever
  • Dead easy implementation — just add javascript and a to load data into
  • Total Spam protection
  • Obfuscated commentor’s eMail addresses — avoid all spam
  • 100% Customizable view and layout (including all language data)
  • Gravatar support
  • Automatically resizing textarea for improved usability
  • Input elements text placeholders for better usability
  • Go minimal by disabling name and email inputs
  • Requirements

    This script needs at least PHP 5.2 to work well.

    Update 10.05.2010

    • Full and seamless jQuery support

    Finally, Top Requested Features, New in 2011

    • Like that comment! Like it well! Ability to “like” comments.
    • Many comment blocks per HTML page (most-requested feature)
    • View/Hide comment lists, a well-requested feature
    • Receive comments per eMail!
    • Moderate comments (approve, delete) directly from the email you receive
    • Automatic creation of links
    • Automatic creation of links to twitter


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