Code Repository & Snippet Manager Pro

Code Repository & Snippet Manager Pro


Updated Jan 29th 2017 – Supports PHP 5.6 & mysqli

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Code Repository / Snippet Manager PRO is a place you can save all your snippets of code.

Demo Login

User: demo
Pass: demo


Auto Generated Menu

The menu is generated automatically by the Language [primary] and then by Group [sub menu].
You can have as many or as few Languages or groups as you would like.

No Limits

There is no limit to the number of languages or groups you can save to the system.

Internal Search Engine

A simple word or phrase search will search by Tags, Names, and Code. Optionally, you can search by just Tags, just Names, or just Code. (eg: tag:foo)

Import Gist

The system allows you to import snippets from Gist. Simply enter a Gist ID and the system will import the rest of the information via the Gist API.

Database Backup

You can backup the database at any time with the press of a button.

Saved Deletes

When you delete a snippet, it’s stored as a deleted item, until you permanently delete it.

Custom Menu

You can add or change any menu icon or color by simply point and clicking! Includes 439 FontAwesome 4.1.0 Icons.

Click to Copy

You can click a button to copy the snippet to your clipboard!

Share Snippets

You can share your snippets via a link – with custom snippet IDs.

Customizable Word Clouds

You can enable or disabled the 3 word clouds: Popular Tags, Most Viewed Snippets, and New Snippets.


When you edit a snippet, it saves the “old” snippet as a revision.

Build on BootStrap

This system is built on BootStrap (delivered via CDN with local fall-back) – easy to change the look and feel.


Makes more than 400 icons available for use. (delivered via CDN with local fall-back)


This download does not contain any snippets pre installed. It’s fresh and clean!

To ensure I do not violate anyone’s copyright, I am choosing not to include any snippets with the download.

Easy install, setup and use:

Check out the video on YouTube

Here are some shortcuts:

  • Install
  • Config
  • Add Snippet
  • Edit Snippet
  • Delete Snippet
  • Revisions
  • Share Snippet
  • Backup Snippets
  • Import Snippet
  • Custom Menu
  • Search Snippets
  • OverView
  • PHP Version

BootStrap via CDN with local fall-back
FontAwesome via CDN with local fall-back
ZeroClipboard via CDN with local fall-back


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