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Car Rental System


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Car Rental System v2.6

Car Rental System for WordPress finally released!

Please do not ask free support for customization and changes.

Now both your car rental business and website can run smoothly, by accepting online reservations and managing your entire fleet, all from one single control panel. By offering highly-customizable booking system, your customers will be able to see vehicle availability, and make online reservations from your website, with just a few clicks.


  • Real time availability.
  • Assign unlimited car features / car type or class / car vendors.
  • Insert unlimited car with image.
  • Seasonal price setup by date-range for car
  • Price can be set day wise (Mon , Tue, Wed etc)
  • Set prepaid amount percent based on duration of rent.
  • Set special discount percent based on duration of rent.
  • Set unlimited car extras/options with per day price. example : GPS Navigation.
  • Booking list by active booking, booking history, by customer.
  • Printable Invoice from booking list.
  • PayPal and Manual gateway integrated.
  • Car Blocking in particular date&tme range. i.e. booking from desk and phone blocking feature will be use.
  • Any currency support, different date format,  site time zone setting, set Car Block Interval between two booking,  set taxes and fees.
  • After successful booking email  notification both site owner and customer  with invoice.
  • Confirmation and cancellation email content can be edit from admin panel.
  • Ajax enbale front-end interface.
  • Three type of price calculation available that is daily / hourly / Daily & Hourly Combined.
  • you can define total number of car of a model.
  • multiple car can be book at a time.
  • 30min time interval set for pick-up & drop-off
  • can set pick-up date from current date.
  • Multi-Location pick-up & drop-off
  • Close day setting for pick-up & drop-off
  • Search booking list by date range.
  • Admin Panel home page list for today booking, today pick-up, today drop-off.
  • can add multiple extras/options  of same item at the time booking.
  • Multilingual feature for admin and front-end both.
  • 16 Language Integrated
  • Language add-on option
  • Admin menu add/edit

Multilingual Feature:

Multilingual features for both admin and front-end. you can set anyone as default language. Also you can delete language which you not need.

Total 16 language integrated.

  1. Chinese
  2. Dutch
  3. English
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Greek
  7. Indonesian
  8. Italian
  9. Japanese
  10. Polish
  11. Portuguese
  12. Romanian
  13. Russian
  14. Spanish
  15. Thai
  16. Turkish

we use Google translator for translate. so you may not get proper meaning of word. you can edit language file easily by editor.

Static text are display any of 16 language as per your selection.

Admin menu, car inventory, other dynamic input you can edit as your default language. customer notification email sent to default language.

How different types of price setup work?

Three type of price calculation available that is daily / hourly / Daily & Hourly Combined.
You can change price calculation from admin panel: Price Manager > Price Calculation Setup

Pick-up Date & Time: 21/08/2012 9:00 AM
Drop-off Date & Time: 23/08/2012 3:00 PM

Daily: Price will be calculated of 3 days and that apply daily price.

Hourly: Price will be calculated of 54 hours and that apply hourly price.

Daily & Hourly Combined: Price will be calculated of 2 Day(s) 6 Hour(s) and that apply 2 days daily price + 6 hours hourly price.


Front end: Click here

Backend:  Click here

Backend Login username / password:  admin / admin

Note: Demo database restore/reset every 12 hours.

Customization Services

Please write us to [email protected] if you need any customization like payment gateway add-on, new feature add-on, template integration etc.

How to integrate booking engine with your existing website or new template?

Install script in any sub folder. for example “car-rental” folder.

so your front-end url:

Next, create a body blank page from your existing website design or new template.

Now copy & paste bellow html code in blank body of your design:

<iframe  src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="650" height="800" ></iframe>

Remember you must change src(front-end url of booking system). Height and Width must be changed as your fit.

IFRAME Tutorial Reference Guide: Click here


Car Rental System v2.6 (20/11/2017):

  • PHP 7. x, MySQL 5.7 supported.
  • Admin panel logout issue fixed
  • car extras customer can select upto 10 quantities
  • Major security update
  • Minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Car Rental System v2.4 (15/03/2013):

  • New: price set for day wise (Mon , Tue, Wed etc).
  • minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Car Rental System v2.3  (08/03/2013):

  • New: price plan by date range.
  • Bugfixes: minor bug fixes .

Car Rental System v2.2  (02/01/2013):

  • Bugfixes: PayPal iframe issue fix included.
  • Bugfixes: car type search filter issue fixed .

Car Rental System v2.1  (26/08/2012):

  • New: 16 Language Integrated
  • New: Language add-on option
  • New: Admin menu add/edit
  • Bugfixes: block car by date-range
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Car Rental Systemv2.0  (10/08/2012):(Major Upgrades)

  • New: Multi location entry.
  • New: Multiple extras/options select of a item.
  • New: close date set of pick-up & drop-of
  • New: Booking list search by date-range.
  • New: Admin Home page display list of Today Booking, Today Pick-up, Today Drop-off
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Car Rental System v1.4  (06/08/2012):

  • New: user can book multiple car at a time.
  • New: can set pick-up date from current date.
  • New: 30min interval time set for pick-up & drop-off
  • Improved: search function modified for multiple car booking.
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Car Rental System v1.3  (02/08/2012):

  • New: add car quantity of same car model.
  • Improved: search function modified for car quantity.
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Car Rental System v1.2  (31/07/2012):

  • Bugfixes: currency symbol problem.
  • Improved : search result
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Car Rental System v1.1  (30/07/2012):

  • New:  Three types of price calculation (daily, nightly, both)
  • New:  Fuel type and hourly price add in car add/edit.
  • Bugfixes:  Rentails page(frontend).
  • Improved:  javascript validation.
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.
  • Several minor bugfixes included.
  • Support:

    No free support for customization. Customization is your responsibility.

     If you need any help regarding the installation of the script please create a support  ticket from here with help topic “CodeCanyon Support ” with purchase code.

    BSI Support Center:

    Our tech support team get back to you in 72 hours.

    Note: we do not provide any support if ay error occur when you run script in localhost.


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