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Behance Portfolio for WordPress


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Your Behance Portfolio within your WordPress site in minutes!

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Behance is a great service to showcase your work. However, if you have a personal or corporate site, you might also want to showcase your work. But who wants to work double by updating both Behance AND the WordPress site?

Thanks to Behance Portfolio for WordPress, the hassle is over. By using the Behance API, this plugin will gather your Behance projects and display them on your WordPress site.

IMPORTANT: This plugin requires cURL (PHP extension) installed on your hosting server. It is active on most shared hosting, but you might want to check with the hosting provider first.

Who is Behance Portfolio for?

Our plugin is designed for people who would like to showcase their Behance portfolio on their site or blog. This includes designers, agencies, freelancers, etc.

Seamless integration

Behance Portfolio for WordPress has been designed to seamlessly integrate with any WordPress theme. Therefore, don’t worry about design compatibility. Your site will still look good, and so will the plugin! To avoid style conflicts, we used two techniques: we namespaced our stylesheet and used our own prefixes.

Responsive & Mobile-first


Because your theme is probably responsive, it wouldn’t make sense if our plugin wasn’t. Therefore, our responsive Behance Portfolio plugin was built with a priority for mobile. This means optimal performance on mobile devices.

Easy to install


To get it working, it takes no more than 2 minutes. Once you’ve setup your Behance username and API key, you’re pretty much good to go. The only thing to do is to insert the shortcode [wpbp] in your page. Read our quick start guide

Easy to customize


At this time, our plugin offers two layouts: grid or slider. Wether you’re using one or the other, you can edit the color scheme yourself (using colorpickers). If you’re a developer, you can go ahead and edit the different “templates” (grid / slider / details) and change its markup. Read more about it here.


If you’re using the grid layout, you can choose between 25+ animation for the popup (when it appears and disappears).

Robust and well maintained code


LESS preprocessor for a more maintainable and cleaner css. Autoprefixer. Settings API and WordPress best practices. Code maintained on BitBucket (already 124 commits as we speak).

Built for performance

The plugin was coded in a way that impacts WordPress execution time very lightly. This is important as load speed matters both for your visitors and for search engines.

In order to gather your Behance projects, the plugin queries the Behance API. This can slow things down a lot. That’s why we integrated a caching system in the plugin. Your site will only query Behance API every other day. You can even set the caching time yourself (24 hours by default). If you know you won’t update your Behance portfolio everyday, you can set the cache at 3, 4, 7 days in just a second!

On the user side, we integrated automatic minification of the CSS that includes the basic CSS and the custom colors. This result in very few HTTP requests and super light stylesheets.

Behance Portfolio performs well

Translation ready

We know our users come from all over the world. That’s why we always localize our code. Doing it this way allows for very easy translation. The plugin is delivered with a translation catalog that enables you to start translating it in minutes.


  • French – ThemeAvenue

Check the roadmap


- Make filters "human-readable" 
- Filter the portfolio shortcode output
- Fix issue with license live validation
- Fix issue with method used in write context
- Remove extra wrapper on grid layout and add filters for items wrappers
- Fix issue with JS object not loaded
- Remove deprecated functions
- New: Introduce a WPBP_Project class
- Improved: Plugin files structure
- Improved: Plugin loading method
- Improved: Plugin performance
- Improved: Optimize the use of the Behance API
- Improved: Behance projects caching by using TLC Transients
- Fix: Only enable filters & sorting options on grid layout
- Fix: Couple of PHP notices
- Remove option to open project links in an iframe (as Behance recently blocked it)
- Only display elements that are checked
- Add the possibility to open Behance project in a new tab directly
- Remove the disabled attribute to make sure the loading spinner stays visible
- Highlight modal close icon
- Fix YouTube video URL
- Switch to SSL for Remote Dashboard Notifications
- Extract JS and CSS is proper files for the docs page
- Bugfixes
- Revised preview page (preview bar now at the bottom). Should fix issue on Safari mobile.
- Fix: clicking on a tag in modal was preventing the filters (Mixitup) to work.
- Update French translation status
- Move deprecated functions
- Use correct class on elements when shortcode is used
- Add backwards compatibility for array_replace_recursive
- Remove unused file
- Update RDN class to 0.1.2
- Improve caching functions: cache directly from admin, add a validity check on cache
- Remove the items limit (plugin can now display unlimited projects)
- Add fallback for projects without big cover image
- Fix issue with default settings on setup
- Update French translation
- Add new filters
- Fix z-index issue
- Fix cover images not displaying
- Fix less compiling issue
- Update French translation (100%)
- Update FlexSlider to 2.2.2
- Update RDN client to latest version (fallback added for json decode error)
- Fix popup overlay issue
- Bugfixes
- Update dependencies
- Fix auto-update issue
- Fix CSS conflicts
- Fix layout issues
- Don't erase options on plugin re-activation
- Change settings page title
- First stable release


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