Avangate Gateway for WooCommerce

Avangate Gateway for WooCommerce



Avangate Gateway for WooCommerce is a payment gateway plugin that allows you to safely and easily accept credit card payments with Avangate, without the need for an SSL certificate or undergoing costly PCI compliance.

Customers are automatically redirected to Avangate’s secure servers for payment with their hosted payment form, meaning that their credit card information never touches your servers and you don’t need to spend time installing and managing SSL certificates, and can focus on selling more softwares and services. With Avangate you can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Card and PayPal.

How to use Avangate Gateway for WooCommerce?

Who may use this plugin?

This plugin is dedicated to Avangate Affiliates who want to better monitor their affiliate sells. We recommend this plugin to Avangate Affiliates that write reviews about softwares and services sold on Avangate Affiliate Network.

Why to better monitor? Why isn’t that enough just to place an ordinary affiliate link or banner (of the software I want to advertise) on my website and then sit back and wait?

Well, in that way your visitors may consider you `just an affiliate` who tries to make a few bucks, and they may not take you seriously. They may not click on your affiliate links, means: you will leave money on the table.

In the other hand: clicking on an affiliate link will drive your visitors (potential customers) to other’s website, which doesn’t mean that you already sold the software you advertised. What if they leave that website without buying the product just because they don’t like for example the design of that website, or they don’t know the language that website uses? They already left your site and maybe they never come back to your own site just because you sent them to a bad looking (or not working) website.

Is that something you want to achieve? We don’t think so… please continue reading and you will learn how to have your own fully functional online software store where your visitors don’t have to leave your website while they are purchasing the software or service you are reviewing, recommending or advertising.

First of all you will need

  • an Avangate Affiliate account ( http://www.mihalysoft.com/avangate/ )
  • a WordPress 3.2+
  • and a WooCommerce 1.6+ plugin installation.

We recommend that you always use the latest versions.

WooCommerce is a very powerful and FREE online eCommerce store plugin, we are using that because it’s really easy to use and there are a lot of add-ons if you want to extend your website later.


Avangate Gateway for WooCommerce is really easy to install so just follow the guide:

  1. Make sure that WooCommerce plugin is already installed.
  2. Upload the `woo-avangate-gateway` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory or install it from the repository
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Now you may activate Avangate in WooCommerce > Payment Gateways settings page

Settings page

Please click on WooCommerce > Settings submenu, then on Payment Gateways, then Avangate to reach the settings page of our plugin.

On that page you have to enter your Avangate Affiliate ID, your Source URL and your Order Style value, and of course you have to enable the payment gateway. (1st screenshot)

If you don’t want to use other payment methods, please disable them.

Adding a new product

Please add a Simple product – for that you may read WooCommerce’s userguide. While adding the new product, please check the option called Virtual and uncheck Downloadable, in the Attributes settings Add the following attributes to your product: Avangate ID and Vendor ID – explained on the 4th screenshot.

Avangate ID is a unique number code that every software has and you may find that in your Avangate Affiliate administration page, in the Get links section, it is called PRODS – explained on the 2nd screenshot.

Vendor ID is a unique alphanumeric code that every software vendor has and you may find that in your Avangate Affiliate administration page, in the Get links section, it is called Vendor Code – explained on the 3rd screenshot.

Once you added the short and long descriptions of the product, you may save (Publish) the document.

Add as many products from Avangate Affiliate Network as you want and your visitors will take you as a very serious `Reseller`

Coupon codes – discounts

Offering coupons is a good marketing strategy to get more customers, and we decided to add that function to our plugin that is working with the WooCommerce Coupon system.

This means: you may offer your customers discounts from time to time.

  1. For that you have to create the coupon code in your Avangate Affiliate admin – it is explained on their site.
  2. Then you have to enter those coupon codes into the WooCommerce’s Coupons page – that is explained in their userguide.


  • This plugin is translation ready and currently available in English.


  1. Avangate Gateway for WooCommerce Settings page
  2. Copying a product’s Avangate ID from Avangate’s site
  3. Copying a product’s Vendor ID from Avangate’s site
  4. Inserting Avangate ID and Venor ID on a product’s page
  5. Product page
  6. Cart page: 1 product added
  7. Checkout page with Avangate payment gateway



  • Initial release!

About Avangate

Specifically designed for software markets, Avangate’s scalable and integrated solution includes a full-featured, modular and secure eCommerce platform, a partner order and revenue management system, as well as a constantly expanding worldwide affiliate network.


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