AskAlice is a simple PHP ask and answer script that enables users to ask you questions and you will be able to answer them via the admin panel. With AskAlice, you can add an ask column to your website and let your visitors ask you questions. It can be used as an alternative to an FAQ or FormSpring or as a ask/advice column (like the ones in newspapers and magazines) to display on your website. AskAlice is simple to customize and set up, which makes it easy for you to manage your questions and answers.


  • Simple installation
  • Lets visitors ask you questions and you can answer them via the admin panel
  • Easy to manage question and answers with admin panel
  • Delete and edit answered questions
  • Multiple delete with checkboxes
  • Secure form validation to prevent bots and spam
  • Optional filter controls, which include anti-flood protection, profanity filter and link blocking
  • E-mail notifications upon new question asked
  • Logged IP addresses
  • Ability to blacklist/ban IP addresses of users from asking questions
  • GeoTool IP lookup for individual IPs so you can automatically find out more about the IP address in question
  • Paginated questions
  • Extensive help documentation for easy integration
  • Easily customizable script configuration

Admin Demo:

Demo Login:
Username: admin
Password: password


Version 1.3:

  • Admin and script settings stored to MySQL database rather than settings.php
  • New script installation process complete with a simple GUI and ability to configure settings at installation
  • Introduction of settings panel, where the admin can configure settings with ease
  • MySQL class for connecting and accessing MySQL database, resulting in secure connections
  • Ban IP addresses via admin panel by clicking ban link next to the IP address. Makes IP banning much easier.
  • Banned IP addresses can be viewed removed via the admin panel
  • Botcheck and IP check function for further spam protection
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2:

  • Option of enabling email notification upon new question asked
  • Configurable anti-flood protection to control how many seconds is allowed between questions submitted by a person of the same IP address
  • Optional filter controls such as blocking URLs and profanity from being submitted
  • Usage of PHP SELF to prevent access to data sensitive files rather than defined constants

Version 1.1:

  • Multiple delete with checkboxes
  • Questions deleted then faded out using jQuery
  • Added a GeoTool IP tracking link next to IP address for more information about asker
  • Front-end pagination modified so that ellipses are added when pages exceed a certain length
  • Links in the answer are automatically made active and clickable
  • Added pagination to Admin Panel
  • Cleaned up unnecessary functions to minimize bloat
  • Minor security fixes
  • Minor CSS fixes


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